Crossover sat at 71st place the Capcom Pro Tour rankings before winning the Regional Finals for Latin America; let's take a look at how he got there

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 7, 2018 at 6:45 p.m. PST

Lenny Alexander "SB|Crossover" Matos is a name that many Street Fighter 5 fans and players probably wouldn't recognize outside of the Latin American scene, but we may need to pay more attention to him now that he's punched his ticket to Capcom Cup.

Matos is another strong Street Fighter competitor from the Dominican Republic like last year's Capcom Cup champion Rise|MenaRD and also Rise|Caba who were already on their way to the 2018 finals. Crossover's chances were not looking as bright since he was sitting at 71st on the Capcom Pro Tour leaderboard rankings, but he turned that all around this past weekend.

After the open CPT Premier in Brazil, Crossover, who barely made it into the Latin American Regional Finals at eighth place for points, ended up toppling other top Street Fighter 5 players from a number of countries including SB|DoomSnake, RES|Pikoro and Furia|HKDash to take the event from winner's side.

Capcom Fighters now has the replays of Regional Finals' matches online, so we can look back on Crossover's battles to see what made his Akuma look so strong at times — besides the fact that it's Akuma.

The aspect of Crossover's play which seems to stick out the most is the match up knowledge he appears to have especially against DoomSnake's Vega. In their match, Matos typically spaced himself just far enough away from Vega to hit him from a distance faster than his opponent could with long-reaching claw attacks.

Crossover also stuffed almost every attempt DoomSnake made to use Vega's V-Trigger 1 rose throw on block including punishing him with Critical Art and EX Shoryuken before he could escape to the other side. His punishes and confirms were also on point, as the second clip below shows Crossover anti-airing Vega's wall dive and continuing the combo with red fireball into Tatsumaki before finishing with EX Shoryuken.

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Crossover's grand finals match against Pikoro's M. Bison did not start well for the Akuma player, but he would bounce back to win three straight games after dropping the first to take the whole tournament.

Matos certainly proved himself to his Latin American peers though now he must take his play to the global level against top talent that his is not as familiar with. Time will tell if Crossover will find success at Capcom Cup similarly to fellow Dominican players GAM|DR Ray in 2016 and MenaRD in 2017, but until then we can take another look at his Regional Finals matches below.

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