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The Dominican Republic has the second most qualified players for Capcom Cup at the moment, here's a breakdown of Cup berths by country and region

Courtesy of AceKingOffsuit, the best damn bookkeeper in the FGC

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 6, 2018 at 3:02 p.m. PST • Comments: 29

With only two events left, (one being the North America Online East tourney and the other being the North American Regional Finals) we're incredibly close to having our final lineup for this year's Cup, minus the Last Chance Qualifier spot.

Best of V show panelist and, we'll say it again, the best damn bookkeeper in the FGC, Steve "AceKingOffsuit" Jurek, recently took to Twitter to share some interesting Capcom Pro Tour stats at this late stage in the game.

We currently have 11 countries represented by the 24 players who are qualified either by mathematical certainty or by winning auto berth-granting events. The majority of these players hail from Japan, but the runner up is none other than the Dominican Republic.

Last year's champion, Rise|MenaRD, was the lone DR representative in 2017's final 32-man bracket, but used part of his $250,000 in winnings to help grow his home scene... a community he claimed had much more potential than the rest of the world suspected.

It seems he was right as both Rise|Caba and SB|Crossover have joined him for a total of three DR representatives in this year's Cup. Breaking it down by region, Asia has nearly three times as many reps as the second place Europe while North America is dead last.

You can see all the stats via AceKing's tweets by clicking the thumbnail here. He has even included how things would look if Capcom Cup were today, giving us a somewhat probable view of how things will shape out:

Cap Cup Breakdown 11/6 image #1
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