SonicFox overcame his demon and defeated Go1 in both Winners Finals and Grand Finals of Dragon Ball FighterZ at Combo Breaker; let's relive the hype

Watch the epic sets again or for the first time if you missed them; it's worth it

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 29, 2018 at 7:57 p.m. PDT

Going into Combo Breaker, CO|Go1 was the undisputed and best Dragon Ball FighterZ player in the world having never lost a tournament he'd entered since the game launched entering last week at 60-2 for tournament sets.

His teammate, CO|Dogura, had been the only person to ever defeat Go1 in a tournament set (twice), but could never eliminate him from the competition though he came close at Stunfest in France showing that this god could bleed.

Dominique "FOX|SonicFox" McLean had his eyes on Go1 and the title for Dragon Ball FighterZ entering Combo Breaker, and he'd get his chance against the undeafeated champ starting in Winners Finals.

In their previous exhibitions and tournament sets, the king of Skullgirls and NetherRealm games was able to best Go1 in only a few games using his original team of Hit, Android 16 and Goku Black while his new team composition of Cell, Kid Buu and Gotenks appears to have much better chemistry lending to McLean's style and even better results for America's best player.

SonicFox got up on stage before his fated match against Go1 and placed his hands in the air asking the audience to give him their energy to topple the world's best player with his own Spirit Bomb, as Goku had done on many occasions before.

Beginning their fierce match, SonicFox's offense was suffocating. He was always in Go1's face pressing buttons, and his new inclusion of Kid Buu to his team gave him even more opportunities to pressure and mix up the Japanese legend than in their previous match ups. Go1 has the best defense in the business, but making him block for over ten-seconds in a row with multiple mix ups will make him guess. Even the best can't block forever.

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In their Winners Finals set, Go1 stuck to his guns that got him this far including burning level one Sparking early in matches to gain the advantage quickly, but it would come back to bite him when SonicFox would push back. This left Go1 without the strong comeback mechanic late into their close matches giving SonicFox the advantage as their rounds dragged on.

SonicFox's best friend in their Winners Finals set was the classic empty jump followed by a low attack setup that opened up Go1 time and time again sending Go1 into the losers' bracket for only the third time in the game's tournament history.

Go1 would fight his way back through Loser's Finals to defeat Dogura once again to face SonicFox on the mainstage for his own runback. Go1 came out at the start of their Grand Finals set swinging and pushing on the offensive harder than he had previously to try knocking SonicFox off balance. It worked.

Go1 took the first game of Grand Finals with two characters still in play, and continued to pick up steam. In game two, Go1 took out SonicFox's Kid Buu in just two combos deciding to burn his Spark for the kill though Sonic would come back and take the game in the end.

On top of upping his offense, Go1's defense got even better during their first set of Grand Finals. Multiple times he would blow up SonicFox's attempts to use Gotenk's hoop grab with a perfectly timed reflect followed by a launcher.

The godlike Japanese anime fighter player reset the bracket 3-1 against SonicFox in pretty convincing fashion retaining all three of his characters in game four. The tournament was far from over though.

SonicFox recovered from his losses quickly and made immediate adjustments in set number two of Grand Finals. Sonic began to use his Kid Buu and Gotenks assists even more to keep his offensive pressure going against Go1 going up 2-0 after fighting back from a three-to-one character deficit in game two.

The USA chants started as game three of the second set picked up and Sonic continued to chip away at Go1's armor and defense. Sonic went up three characters to one leaving Go1 with a lone Vegeta and no Spark remaining to assist him.

In the end, that lead was too insurmountable, and SonicFox ended the tournament with yet another "empty jump low" mix up and America's best understandably popped off to celebrate his victory.

The pair hugged it out and shook hands after the pop with Go1 raising SonicFox's hand as the victor in a great moment for SonicFox, a great moment for Dragon Ball FighterZ and a great moment for fighting games as a whole.

These legends likely won't have to wait long for a rematch though, as both players will in attendance for the Summit of Power invitational in early June. Until then though, SonicFox sits the champion.

Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren

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