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Details about Cody's moveset in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition provided via Capcom Unity

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 28, 2018 at 4:01 a.m. PDT • Comments: 112

Last night after the Combo Breaker 2018 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tournament, the reveal trailer for Cody Travers was shown. It was also announced that Cody will be released on June 26th.

Due to his new getup, it appears that Cody has had implemented a number of changes into his moveset. As the new mayor of Metro City, this means that Cody is no longer a prisoner.

Like every character before him, Cody has a V-Skill and two V-Triggers to choose from. The first V-Trigger gives Cody access to his iconic knife while the other gives him a metal pipe.

Capcom Unity has created a blog post that gives us more details about this ex-con turned mayor. Cody will also apparently have a total of five costumes on launch if you count his default appearance.

"Cody’s move set in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition resembles that of his previous appearances, but altered to fit his new spiffy style," said Capcom. "When not in V-Trigger, Cody can no longer throw rocks as a projectile or unleash a Criminal Upper like before."

The blog continued on by stating that "Cody now has Tornado Sweep, which sees him shooting a swirling gust of wind like a traditional fireball. Cody still has Ruffian Kick and Zonk Knuckle as special moves. In addition, he now has a few target combos."

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V-Skill – Double Kick

Here's a move that wasn't present in Street Fighter 3 Alpha or Ultra Street Fighter 4 (but was in the Omega version). It originally came from the Final Fight game.

Cody quickly jumps straight up and performs two kicks in the air. One kick hits forward while the other strikes behind him. This is apparently an effective anti-air.

Notably, since this move is triggered by pressing medium punch and medium kick with no motions or directions, it will work just fine when the opponent tries to cross Cody up without any adjustment necessary.

Click image for animated version

V-Trigger 1 – Sidearm

It looks like there will no longer be a knife spawned in the center of the stage whenever Cody is in play. Instead, Cody pulls out the blade that's in his pocket whenever he activates V-Trigger 1.

While "Sidearm" is active, Cody is armed with his signature knife. This increases the range of Cody's normal punch attacks and they also provide better block frame advantage.

Pressing heavy punch and heavy kick again will cause Cody to throw it forward or upwards as an anti-air. Press the command again afterwards to pull out a new knife.

While this V-Trigger is active, Cody has access to a new special move. It's called "Rapid Fire" and was shown in the trailer when Cody struck Abigail with multiple slices.

Uniquely, Cody will continue to hold onto the knife even after V-Trigger 1 ends until either throwing it or hitting the opponent. This is a two bar V-Trigger.

V-Trigger 2 – Dirty Coach

Rather than a knife, Cody arms himself with a steel pipe. His heavy punch attacks gain a drastically improved range.

Like his first V-Trigger, he gains access to a new special move while this is active. Gentle Swing can be triggered by pressing heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time. There's apparently an anti-air version called "Gentle Upper Swing."

Cody also regains access to his iconic rock attacks during this mode. He'll toss it straight up which can be hit with the Gentle Swing for varying results.

These rocks can either hit the opponent from the air at a slight arc, go forward as a multi-hitting projectile, or roll on the ground. Use the Gentle Upper Swing to cause the rock to land a set distance away.

These new tricks temporarily take the place of Cody's new Tornado Sweep special. Like the knife, Cody keeps the pipe after the V-Trigger ends until after hitting the opponent -- even on block.

Once more, this is a two bar V-Trigger.

Critical Art – Criminal Punisher

His Criminal Upper has essentially been turned from a special move into his Critical Art.

Sent in by: Hanging_Chain and Sean_Saibot.

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