New trailers for Curly and Emiko in Blade Strangers along with an extended opening showing the new guest characters like Shovel Knight

Are those tears of joy, anger or sorrow on Isaac's face?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 21, 2018 at 4:37 p.m. PDT

Blade Strangers' publisher Nicalis has not slowed down their announcements and new trailers for the game with two more characters receiving their own trailers along with an extended look at the game's opening cinematic.

Curly Brace from Cave Story+ and Emiko from the Umihara Kawase series were previously announced for the guest character-heavy fighting game, but they have only just now received their full character trailers showing off what they are capable of.

Curly has a variety of firearms to use at her disposal including a rocket launcher, rapid fire machine gun and a pistol-like weapon that causes an orb to bounce along the ground along with an assortment of kicking and punching strikes to cover her in the short range.

Emiko is a small girl who fights on the back of an enormous house-cat that does most of the work for her as she drops in some assist items like the soccer ball briefly shown in the trailer.

A new version of the game's opening cinematic was also released. The first half of the intro is the same as the initial cinematic shown, but the later portion shows off the guest characters that were announced afterwards like Shovel Knight and Isaac.

You'll be able to try out these characters plus others like Gunvolt when the game drops later this Summer on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam. You can check out both characters' trailers along with the extended introduction after the jump.

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