Rumor: Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch co-developed by Bandai Namco

According to deleted Nintendo employee's tweets

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 10, 2018 at 9 a.m. PDT | Comments: 30

With E3 2018 right around the corner, the rumors and leaks are starting to trickle in. Today, we have some interesting potential news about Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch.

Rumor has it that the latest installment in Nintendo's widely popular franchise has been co-developed by Bandai Namco. The game also allegedly features a new rendering engine -- meaning new and likely improved graphics.

This information comes from a tweet recently sent out by Taigo Sonobe, who is currently a Software Engineer at Nintendo -- according to his Twitter profile. What gives this rumor some weight is the fact that both the tweet and Sonobe's Twitter account have since been deleted.

The internet was quick to screenshot the tweet, however. It reads: "Left Bandai Namco Studios before the production of Super #SmashBros began, but the rendering engine it is built on was made by me :-) #smashbrosswitch."

Sonobe's tweet was made in response to the recent announcement of the invitees for the Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018, which will take place at E3 2018 and will definitely feature the new title.

Bandai Namco worked with Nintendo on the development of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS, so it wouldn't be all that surprising that the company helped out again with the Nintendo Switch title. Still, that information has been left under wraps by both Nintendo and Bandai Namco, with this tweet being the first potential indicator.

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From what we've seen so far, Sonobe appears to be a legitimate employee of Nintendo Japan. Both Moby Games and LinkedIn have him listed as providing Environmental Programming for Super Mario Odyssey.

Kyoto Report, a website dedicated to providing information on Nintendo personnel from product staff credits and other resources, also backs up Sonobe's stint at Bandai Namco.

Back in April 2014, a recruitment listing from Bandai Namco for a "Smash Bros. 6" was spotted and claimed that the game was set for release sometime in 2015. While we didn't see a new Smash title that year, this listing might be connected to the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros.

We can't say for certain what Bandai Namco's involvement with the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. is (if any) at this time. E3 2018 is kicking off on June 12th, and Nintendo aims to blow the doors off of the new Smash Bros. game during the expo.

It won't be long before we know more.

You can check out a recap of the Bandai Namco rumor in GameXplain video below.

Source: ResetEra. Via Nintendo Everything.

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