Isaac from Binding of Isaac joins the roster of Blade Strangers

Didn't see this one coming

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 9, 2018 at 5:32 p.m. PDT

Blade Strangers is shaping up to have a pretty diverse cast of characters when it releases bringing together multiple smaller games like Cave Story+, Azure Striker Gunvolt and Code Princess, but the latest character reveal is one most would not even consider when thinking about fighting games.

Isaac from the Binding of Isaac will get his shot at becoming a true fighter as the latest character revealed from Blade Strangers making the jump from his strange and popular roguelike shoot-em-up.

The nude warrior brings over some variants of his attacks from the Binding of Isaac using his trademark tears as a projectile as well as summoning flies and spiders to come to his aid.

Isaac's supers appear to include his mother's leg stomping on his opponent (instead of him) and gaining his angelic wings while blasting his opponent away with a laser coming from his mouth.

You can find other characters like Gunvolt and Quote when the game drops later this year on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

You can check out Isaac's full trailer after the jump.

Thank you RedAndHot, Forticon, tobydanger and an anonymous reader for the tips

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