SNK is reportedly developing a Neo Geo Mini console with its own screen and 40 games for the company's 40th anniversary

It hasn't been officially confirmed, but it looks pretty legit

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 7, 2018 at 4:59 p.m. PDT

"Classic" mini-consoles seem to be the new go to for older hardware developers to release and reel players in with their favorite games from years past all packed into one system after the success of the NES and SNES Classics for Nintendo.

SNK made a teaser tweet last month in celebration of the company's 40th anniversary with something hidden under a curtain branded with the Neo Geo logo, and now it appears that what is hiding underneath is the Neo Geo Mini.

Video game and tech YouTube channel Spawn Wave broke the news by releasing details and pictures of the system in one of their recent videos after receiving the information from a trusted source.

The Neo Geo mini is rumored to include 40 games with five King of Fighters titles, three Samurai Shodown and Fatal Fury games. There is no information included as to the price or release date of the system, but the guys over at Spawn Wave believe it may be in the $100-150 price range.

This rumored console appears to have a built-in arcade stick and buttons with a 3.5-inch screen plus an HDMI output and slots to use different gamepads with the system that look to be proprietary. It apppears that the system will also come with cover stickers to decorate the Neo Geo Mini with (or whatever you so choose) beyond the four games shown in the images.

You can check out images of the reported system and it's controllers in the gallery below and the video plus full list of games after the jump.

Reported Neo Geo Mini image #1 Reported Neo Geo Mini image #2 Reported Neo Geo Mini image #3
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Reported list of games on the Neo Geo Mini

• Blue's Journey
• Shock Troopers
• Robo Army
• Crossed Swords
• Mutation Nation
• 3 Count Bout
• Last Resort
• Ghost Pilots
• Football Frenzy
• Art of Fighting
• Fatal Fury Special
• Real Bout Fatal Fury
• Garou: Mark of the Wolves
• Samurai Shodown II
• Samurai Shodwon IV
• Samurai Shodown V Special
• The Last Blade 2
• World Heroes Perfect
• Kizuna Encounter
• Metal Slug
• Metal Slug 2
• Metal Slug 3
• King of the Monsters 2
• Shock Troopers 2nd Squad
• Sengouku3
• Ninja Masters
• Top Player's Golf
• The King of Fighters '95
• The King of Fighters '97
• The King of Fighters '98
• The King of Fighters 2000
• The King of Fighters 2002
• Super Sidekicks
• Blazing Star
• Puzzled
• Metal Slug X
• Metal Slug 4
• Metal Slug 5
• Magician Lord
• King of the Monsters

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