Sparking Frieza can land touch of death combos easily in apparent damage scaling bug for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 27, 2018 at 4:59 p.m. PDT

No matter how much time and resources developers pour into testing their games bugs will always appear. With thousands or millions of possible variations within a game, it is impossible to test every possible scenario though they do their best to.

Last week, we reported on infinite combos being discovered in Dragon Ball FighterZ due to possible a bug dealing with hitstun decay in the games system like a previous bug found in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite last year. Now a new apparent bug has been discovered that seems much easier to pull off with possibly more dangerous potential.

Twitter user Urin_boh showed off a touch of death and near touch of death combo in DBFZ that only needs Frieza, sparking, super meter and at least one other character alive on your team. While in Sparking, Frieza's standing medium attack cancelled into his level one super causes more damage than normal and can be followed up with a tag-in super for crazy damage.

Being paired up with Teen Gohan gives the fastest touch of death in the game outside of Android 16's self-destruction level three. Performing the aforementioned moves with Frieza followed by tagging Gohan for his level five super does over 10,000 damage which is enough to kill anyone in the game near instantly.

We do not know for sure what is causing this to happen, but it appears based on Frieza's level one doing more damage than normal, some sort of damage scaling bug is occuring causing these supers not to seemingly scale at all. Damage scaling typically occurs during combos lessening the percent of the total damage moves do the more hits are performed.

Given that this appears to be a bug, it will most likely patched out of the game at some point along with the infinite combos. Be sure to check out the clips below to see the damage in action, and let us know how quickly you are going to pick up Frieza now in the comments after the jump.

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