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It's seeming less and less likely Falke will be revealed for Street Fighter 5 in March; let's look at the previous release schedules for any clues

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Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 23, 2018 at 8 p.m. PDT • Comments: 35

Street Fighter 5 came out back on February 16, 2016, and since then we've gotten steady releases of 14 additional characters plus four more announced to come at some point this year.

Going by the listing for the season pass for Arcade Edition, the mysterious Falke should be the next character announced for the game with Sakura and Blanka being previously released this year back in January and February respectively.

Capcom previously stated that we'd be getting a steady release of characters this year, and getting a character in back to back months led many to believe that meant we'd be getting a new character every month through Sagat.

We now have just over a week left in the month of March, and a Falke reveal is nowhere to be seen as of yet. Some suspected a reveal last week at Final Round, but that came and went with no new info. Thaiger Uppercut is happening this weekend which might be our last chance of seeing the new character this month.

Blanka was initially revealed on his birthday of February 12th last month and released on the 20th, so a reveal is certainly not out of the question. It is looking less and less likely, however.

We had a theory that Capcom would reveal or release characters on a monthly basis with Cody's birthday being in April and Sagat's in early July, but unless Falke is shown soon, that theory probably won't hold much water. Let's take a look at how consistently inconsistent Capcom has been with it's DLC release schedules up to this point and see if we can pull anything out.

Street Fighter 5 Season 1

• Alex - March 30, 2016
• Guile - April 28
• Ibuki - July 1
• Balrog - July 1
• Juri - July 26
• Urien - September 22

Street Fighter 5 Season 2

• Akuma - December 20, 2016
• Kolin - February 28, 2017
• Ed - May 30
• Abigail - July 25
• Menat - August 29
• Zeku - October 24

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition (Season 3)

• Sakura - January 16, 2018
• Blanka - February 20
• Falke - Unknown
• Cody - Unknown
• G - Unknown
• Sagat - Unknown

So in compiling all of this information into one place, some patterns start to arise. The one thing that is consistent throughout the line up so far is that each of the characters have been released in the latter half of the month aside from Ibuki and Balrog, who are a special case.

In case you forgot, Ibuki was originally revealed at the end of May, 2016, but was delayed until the end of June. She was slightly delayed further and was released with Balrog and the story mode update for the game on July 1. It seems they kept Juri on track and released her later in the same month.

It seems for season 1 of SF5 that Capcom was originally aiming for a monthly or near monthly release schedule, but ran into some delays and hiccups with Ibuki. Season 2 generally stuck to a pattern of a character every other month aside from the two-month gap between Kolin and Ed and the month gap between Abigail and Menat.

The longest gap between characters was actually not Guile to Ibuki, but Kolin to Ed in season 2. Discounting the Ibuki/ Balrog situation from season 1, characters have either been released on a monthly or every other month basis.

Applying all of that information to our current situation in season 3, there appears to still be hope to get Falke by the end of the month. One thing that would point against that though is that Capcom usually announces their characters around a week in advance of release, and that can't happen if she's announced on Sunday at Thaiger Uppercut because every character since the start of season 2 has released on a Tuesday.

Unless they break their pattern here (which they very easily could), Falke has a chance of coming on March 27 though it's looking more likely that we'll have to wait until April 17 or even more likely the 24th to get our hands on the new character.

Do you think Falke has a chance of being revealed this weekend? Will we see Ono come out on stage in a Blanka-chan costume? Sound off in the comments below.

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