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SonicFox lands Android 16's self destruct on Go1, Nakkiel pops off, and Cells match each other's attacks: Dragon Ball FighterZ Final Round highlights

Are you sitting down? You should really sit down for this one...

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 18, 2018 at 7 p.m. PDT • Comments: 25

How I haven't passed out from excitement is beyond me...

If you didn't catch the Dragon Ball FighterZ top 8 at Final Round 2018, you missed one of the most intense and exhilarating fighting game finals we've seen in a while.

Don't worry, though! We've got the highlights to get you caught up on the action.

What lies in wait for you here is some of our favorite moments from today's tournament action. This includes a rematch between CO|Go1 and FOX|SonicFox, this time in the tournament's grand finals.

If you missed their first-to-10 exhibition earlier this weekend, be sure to check out our recap here.

We kick things off with something you just don't see everyday.

Go1 and CO|Dogura have been putting in work with DBFZ lately. Both players use Cell on point and Vegeta as anchor... and apparently they both enjoy starting matches exactly the same way.

Click images for animated versions

Speaking of Go1 (who is going to be showing up here quite a bit), I don't think I've ever seen someone block quite as much or as well as he did during the top 8. Watch him block damn near everything in the following two clips!

Now that we've seen some amazing defense, let's check out this killer offense from SonicFox when he faced GGP|Kazunoko in winners semi-finals. Reading Kazunoko's down + heavy attempt, SonicFox went for a neutral jump and converted into a hard-hitting sequence.

On the losers side of the bracket, Go1 pulled off an incredibly fast first character KO using his whole squad and three bars of super meter. Nakkiel's Kid Buu was defeated within 20 in-game seconds.

It wasn't all bad for Nakkiel, however. Check out this awesome pop off after eliminating Ponos|Moke 2-1.

And before we get to grand finals, let's watch SonicFox dunk and dunk and dunk Dogura using Android 16.

In grand finals, Go1 battled from the losers side of the bracket. This means he'd have to win two 3/5 sets in order to win the tournament.

Go1 scored two wins right off the bat, but SonicFox surely didn't make it easy. In the second game, SonicFox's solo Android 16 almost made an amazing comeback against Go1's Vegeta and Adult Gohan, but was clipped by a fast-moving ki blast.

But in game 3, SonicFox actually landed Android 16's self destruct super, instantly KO-ing Go1's nearly full health Adult Gohan.

After resetting the bracket with a 3-0 victory, Go1 looked to close out the tournament with some exceptional Vegeta play. Below are two excellent plays in the third and fourth games from the prince of Saiyans.

In the fourth game, however, SonicFox had had enough of Vegeta. With both players down to their last characters, SonicFox's Goku Black survived a level 3 Final Flash, found an opening, and closed out the game bringing the score to 2-2.

And finally, here are the last moments of the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament at Final Round 2018.

Source: Bifuteki.

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