Dragon Ball FighterZ to receive patch on March 16th, here are the patch notes

Fixes ring matches, addresses gameplay exploits, and adds new features

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • March 14, 2018 at 8:16 a.m. PDT

Bandai Namco Europe has announced an upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ patch that will be going live on March 16th. While the last patch that launched on February 27, 2018 implemented some new features, applied some quality of life changes, and fixed a few bugs, there were still a number of issues present that made the online experience unplayable for many.

For example, Ring Matches are often very buggy. When trying to play a friend online, you'll get an error message saying that there are no rooms available even when the lobby is empty.

According to the linked image, Ring Matches will be fixed as of this update. There will also be gameplay fixes implemented.

Bandai Namco specifically mentioned in their tweet that these changes will be directed towards gameplay exploits. It's also worth noting that the rematch system for casual and ranked matches will now feature three matches.

Finally, the image also tells us that there will be additional new features. During the last update, we got access to the Party Match.

Hit the jump below to see the patch notes.

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• REPLAY CHANNEL: To enable implementation of the below gameplay adjustments (see “GAMEPLAY” section), recorded data from Replay Channel will be erased
• WORLD MATCH: Changed rematch system to 3 matches in both Ranked and Casual World Match
• RING MATCHES: Improved match-making and server stability

SSGSS Goku (Blue)

• Fixed a bug that makes “x10 Kaioken Kamehameha” combo continue even if the opponent gets away from the attacks

Captain Ginyu

• Fixed a bug that makes Ginyu Force members collide with the opponent character and sometimes interrupts the latter’s attacks


• Fixed a bug that makes Saibamen collide with the opponent character and sometimes interrupts the latter’s attacks


• Fixed a bug that makes characters float in the air if Dragon Rush Clash happens when landing from mid-air back step
• Fixed a bug that makes main characters say the wrong name when calling a Z-Change or Z-Assist
• Fixed a bug that alters the hit box of Z-Assist characters under certain circumstances
• Hit/SSGSS Goku/SSGSS Vegeta: Fixed a bug that triggers Z-Change voice over dialogues instead of Z-Assist ones

New Features

• Z-UNION: Added Z-Union feature that enables players to join "Unions" (fan clubs) of their favorite character and get special rewards. And the longer you stay in a Union, the better the rewards become.
• GAME LOBBY: Added the possibility to leave the Lobby by using the stairs at the entrance
• OFFLINE LOBBY: Added option to enter the Offline Lobby from title screen

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