Here are five tips about Dragon Ball FighterZ's Dragon Rush that might help you squeeze out those extra wins

Extra damage, burning the opponent's recoverable blue life, easy tech method, and more

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • March 12, 2018 at 1:21 p.m. PDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the type of fighter where offense prevails. Knowing this, there will be plenty of times where one opponent is attacking while the other is defending for what seems like an eternity.

There technically isn't any sort of "throw" in this game outside of command throws. Instead, we have access to the Dragon Rush mechanic. This is an unblockable attack and it can be teched, just like a typical throw in most other fighting games.

There are some intricacies regarding this mechanic that are important to be aware of in order to succeed in Dragon Ball FighterZ. I have five tips that may help you on your way.

You can tech by mashing any attack button, not just the Dragon Rush command:

If you see a Dragon Rush come your way, you might try to tech it by also inputting the Dragon Rush. The timing is strict, so you may miss the window even if you felt like you nailed it.

While this isn't usually advisable in fighting games, try mashing the light punch button whenever you see the opponent glow. Note my inputs in the below GIF:

Click image for animated version

You can only capture ground opponents with a ground Dragon Rush and aerial opponents with the airborne version:

The ground and air versions of the Dragon Rush are actually slightly different. You can only capture the opponent in this attack if they are in the same state that you are.

Note that you can still catch the opponent's landing as they touch the ground. This is due to the large number of active frames of this technique.

Mash the attack button during a successful Dragon Rush for additional damage:

As pointed out by Behrudy, you can actually rack up extra damage by mashing the attack button after a successful Dragon Rush. You can score 360 extra damage by doing this.

You can combo into a Dragon Rush:

Remember that the Dragon Rush is technically not a throw. That means that it is possible to combo into a Dragon Rush with the right setup.

Burn through the opponent's recoverable life with a snap-back:

The fact that you can combo into Dragon Rushes is especially important for this reason. If you press an assist button during a Dragon Rush, you'll snap the current point character out and force a switch to the corresponding enemy character.

This costs no meter. When you do this, the opponent's recoverable blue life will be depleted. KO them quickly to force the neutral to reset when the opposing character is forced back in.

If you achieve this, then that enemy fighter will also lose their blue health. You can completely destroy the main strength of a level three Sparking Blast if you plan your attack accordingly.

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