Fighting game community members come together to tell us who inspires them from players to commentators and tournament organizers

Twitter shows that we can still reach out and be good to each other

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 13, 2018 at 6:53 a.m. PDT

Some of you may forget, but FGC stands for the fighting game community. We may get salty, we may argue about top tiers and we'll certainly yell at each other about which Street Fighter we think is the best (obviously it's Street Fighter: The Movie), but at the end of the day we have much more in common to bring us together than different to drive us apart.

There are so many people in this community that inspire others to step up their game, start commentating, get into tournament organizing or to be a better person in general.

For those that need to have their cold hearts melted a bit to feel a little warm and fuzzy inside, the community is here to help. Many are voicing their "top five FGC inspirations" on Twitter using the FGC hashtag from the biggest names in the community to local players and online warriors.

Players like FOX|Justin Wong and Punk along with community leaders like Mark "Markman" Julio have shared their lists with the world. The smaller voices in the community are also getting the chance to reach out to those they admire and let them know their work is appreciated even if it doesn't always feel that way.

Some names seem to pop up on many lists for good reason like Daigo Umehara, FOX|Tokido, Seth Killian, and the aforementioned JWong and MarkMan.

Check out a compilation of the tweets below, and tell us who inspires you in the comments after the jump.

FGC Inspirations image #1 FGC Inspirations image #2 FGC Inspirations image #3
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Twitter Sources: Justin Wong, MarkMan, Punk, MenaRD, Ricki Ortiz, FOX|Theo, Lap Chi Duong, Rick TheHadou

Photo credit: Chris Bahn.

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