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Watch the match that brought one of the world's best Street Fighter 5 players to tears afterwards

Daigo and Tokido's Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition set at Kemonomichi 2 was emotional for all of us

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 10, 2018 at 7:40 p.m. PST • Comments: 81

Last night, the fighting game community witnessed one of the most legendary Street Fighter 5 sets to ever take place. In Arcade Edition, the latest version of Capcom's mainstay fighting title, CYG|Daigo Umehara and Hajime "FOX|Tokido" Taniguchi went head-to-head in a first-to-10 bout at the Kemonomichi 2 exhibition event in Japan.

Leading up to the match, both Daigo and Tokido shared their thoughts on the fight. Going into it, Daigo expressed confidence in his abilities, nothing that he was fairly certain he'd be walking away victorious.

While one might expect the same from Daigo's competitor, Tokido actually shared a similar sentiment. "I can't even see his back from where I'm standing..." Tokido said in regards to each player's skill level. "I want to confirm for myself how big that gap is. Of course I'm going into this with the intention of winning."

This FT10 set was definitely more than just a friendly game between fellow players. As one of the world's best Street Fighter 5 players, Tokido found himself truly testing his skills against quite possibly his greatest rival.

There was a lot on the line for Tokido here, and the post-fight interview of both competitors was a very clear indicator of that. After suffering a 5-10 defeat to Daigo, Tokido shared only a few words about the match for viewers.

"I wanted to at least win in the game," he said "but I'll have to come back and try again." His statement was followed by tears as Daigo went on to share his thoughts on where he and Tokido stand in regards to the game.

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It's hard not to get emotional when seeing how much fighting games and personal growth mean to the legend Tokido. Displays such as these are a genuine reminder of how important these games are to us, and how our love for them keeps us battling on. Both Tokido and Daigo fought their hearts out in this set.

if you were unable to catch this epic first-to-10 match, don't worry. Daigo the BeasTV has uploaded the full replay over on YouTube, and you can check it out below.

To get you started, the following are a handful of excellent plays featuring Daigo's Guile and Tokido's Akuma. As this set is fairly long, you can check out our highlights from the event here, if you're pressed for time.

Click images for highlights from Kemonomichi 2

The set begins at around 00:11:30 in the video.

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