Where are the classic Final Fight characters in Street Fighter 5? Let's take a look at any references or mentions of our favorite brawlers

Obviously, these will increase heavily once Cody is released, but there's still quite a few in the game right now

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • March 3, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. PST

Ever since the Street Fighter Alpha series, Capcom's beat 'em up franchise Final Fight has been intricately tied into Street Fighter.

The two series actually blend together quite well, and throughout the years we've seen more and more of the Final Fight crew make their way into the fighting scene of Street Fighter.

The Alpha series gradually brought us more and more characters, with Guy and Sodom leading the charge, eventually adding Rolento and Cody later on, and technically Maki in a later version, though she was pretty much ported from Capcom vs. SNK 2.

Meanwhile, Street Fighter 3 added Hugo, with the spunky Poison as his manager, who would herself eventually join the series for real in the crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken, and then be transferred over to the main franchise in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Now, in Street Fighter 5, we've seen further Final Fight exposure as Abigail joined the fray, as well as Guy's master Zeku, who never actually appeared in Final Fight, but is obviously heavily involved with Guy.

On top of this, we've seen references to Haggar many a time throughout the games, and several stages take place in Metro City. But where are the Final Fight crew right now? Let's take a look at what hints Street Fighter 5, as well as their situations at the end of Street Fighter 4, have given us about their whereabouts so far.

Guy and Haggar

You'd think that with his master present in the game, there'd be tons of references to Guy in the game, but actually there aren't really that many.

Obviously, the biggest reference to Guy is the fact that Zeku uses the same fighting style as him while in his young form. While it's a massive stretch to say that he plays like Guy in his younger form, he does have many moves we know very well, such as the Hozanto and the iconic Run move that Guy's always employed.

Besides this, Zeku really doesn't make any reference to his skilled pupil and successor either in his story mode or his win quotes, which is a stark contrast to the character who preceded him, Menat, who can't seem to go 30 seconds without talking about her own master, Rose.

However, Abigail, originally a boss from Final Fight, does refer to Guy when beating Zeku, with the line "All them fancy ninja moves... I coulda swore I've seen them before..."

Besides this, references to Guy in Street Fighter 5 are slim, although this is likely to change with Cody's release later this year since the two are rarely seen entirely apart from eachother.

As for Haggar, there's even less on him at the moment, though that is likely to change soon.

The two biggest things relating to Haggar are, of course, Cody's alternate costume being leaked, which has him dressed in Haggar's classic outfit. This falls straight in line with rumors about Cody having taken over the mayorship of Metro City from Haggar, and if that's actually the case, I have a hard time seeing us not getting some Haggar screentime in Cody's story mode.

So is this standard mayoral attire in Metro City, or... ?

Besides this, the closest thing we have to a Haggar reference is the Metro City Bay Area stage that was released alongside Abigail, which obviously takes place in the city Haggar is, or was, mayor of.

Although some would say that Zeku's inclusion, and his young version being reminiscent of Guy, means that Guy can't be in the game as well, I completely disagree. I don't think Guy's at the top of the list or anything, but I don't think Capcom have counted him out, either, especially not after the inclusion of Cody.

As for Haggar, popular as he is, he still remains unplayable throughout the whole Street Fighter series, and with Cody stealing his clothes it looks like he might end up being sidelined yet again even after Street Fighter 5 has wrapped up.

Poison and Hugo

There's very little talk about either Poison or Hugo in Street Fighter 5 at the moment, which is a bit surprising considering Abigail is the first character in the franchise to actually be bigger than Hugo. You'd think someone would bring that up.

The only actual line that refers to either of them is when Abigail beats F.A.N.G, upon which he will say ""Poison? Nah. You're the least dangerous poison I've ever come across."

This is obviously a fun little reference to Poison and her somewhat sadistic nature of fighting style, as well as her and Abigail both being part of the Mad Gear Gang in the past.

One more thing about Poison is that she is one of the people Rashid is in some form of contact with during his Story Mode, as seen in the image here.

H.W.A. (Huge Wrestling Army) is the wrestling brand Poison spearheads with Hugo in Street Fighter 3.

It's possible we'd see more mention of them once Cody comes along, though with them not exactly being buddy-buddy with him (despite Poison's wishes), I wouldn't really count on it.

Given that their storylines in Street Fighter 4 end with Poison convincing Hugo to let her be his manager, and Street Fighter 3 (which takes place after Street Fighter 5) centering around them trying to overtake the wrestling world, it would make sense for either of them to show up later on in Street Fighter 5.

We have a ton of wrestlers in the game as is, and you just know Poison will want to get in on that action. Given Hugo's main objective in Street Fighter 3 was to find a suitable tag team partner, I wouldn't be all too surprised to see them show up sooner or later.

Rolento and Sodom

As far as I've been able to tell, Street Fighter 5 contains no explicit references whatsoever to Rolento or Sodom, meaning the only thing we can discern about the characters is what's been said in previous games or by developers.

When it comes to Rolento, who we saw recently in Ultra Street Fighter 4, his story is centered around using military power to create his own utopia. Even by his very first Street Fighter appearance back in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Rolento had left the Mad Gear Gang behind him entirely.

In Rolento's Ultra Street Fighter 4 ending, the last time we saw him storywise, he was ransacking the S.I.N. base after Sin's defeat for any technology that could be used in establishing his own nation, meaning that he may well have accomplished his goal of creating a military utopia.

Whether that means he's out of the fighting game for good or not obviously remains to be seen, but as it stands right now, there's nothing pointing towards a potential Rolento inclusion in the future, and ending up around the middle in Capcom's popularity poll probably won't be doing him any favors, either.

As for Sodom, he's been a much discussed subject here on EventHubs ever since the launch of Street Fighter 5 for a variety of reasons, the most notable being that as Street Fighter 5's launch, and still today, he's the only Street Fighter Alpha series character to not have been part of the Street Fighter 4 or Street Fighter 5 rosters.

It even came to the point where Japanese interviewers would ask Capcom if they had forgotten about Sodom, to which they specified that they had not, but that he was difficult to fit in to the story.

Well, we're 2 years in, and know the roster for the rest of 2018 as well, and there's still no Sodom in sight, despite story obviously not being paramount to recent character inclusions. The two big hurdles mentioned by Capcom, story relevance and Final Fight inclusion, seem to have been passed entirely, yet we're still not seeing him.

This, of course, doesn't mean that Sodom has a guaranteed spot in the future, but it is curious that Capcom would cite specific reasons to not include him. You'd think that these reasons having been cleared would mean that he's on his way, but I guess all we can do is wait and see.

Storywise, Sodom actually teamed up with Rolento at the end of Street Fighter Alpha 3 to create a utopia together, but given Sodom's lack of mention in Street Fighter 4, it seems safe to assume that they split up again shortly after.

The Mad Gear Gang

We've been shown clearly time and time again that Final Fight characters who aren't yet part of the Street Fighter roster are not off limits, most recently with the addition of boss character Abigail to Street Fighter 5 last summer.

In Abigail's story mode, we can see that some of the Mad Gear Gang are still hanging around eachother, with Abigail being taunted for his lack of brains by Roxy, J and Axl from the Final Fight series, and while this doesn't in any way point to them being playable, it is reassuring that Capcom are still keeping the individual identities of these old Final Fight characters intact.

Of course, each of the three also had CFN profile pictures posted some time back, which you can see below.

Though obviously not Abigail-sized, they've each showed themselves to be formidable opponents.

While these three are the only ones we've physically seen in the game of Street Fighter 5, the Mad Gear Gang is filled with a bunch of wily rascals and fierce ruffians.

For a refresher on who else might show up from this gang of rapscallions, you can look through the old CFN profile posts either here on EventHubs or over at the official CFN site.

Other references or mentions

Besides the characters listed above, there's very little in the way of Final Fight present in Street Fighter 5 as of right now, though hopefully Cody will change that in a big way.

The only remaining thing I can think of is a nice little easter egg in the Union Station stage where there's a banner hanging in the background featuring the Final Fight 1 protagonists, Cody, Guy and Haggar, as well as my personal favorite female character in all of Street Fighter, Maki from Final Fight 2.

Maki's happy face is approximately equivalent to how happy I would be if she ever joined the roster.

While I have very little hope of ever seeing Maki grace the Street Fighter battlefield ever again - she was only ever really in a late port of Street Fighter Alpha 3 that reused Capcom vs. SNK 2 assets - seeing her as part of a background like this, especially when other Final Fight protagonists were not included, brings a small glimmer of anticipation to my heart.

The curious part about this banner is that it's in London of all places. Given that Metro City is heavily based on New York, and there's really no implication of any Final Fight game taking place outside of the U.S.A., having a tribute being paid to them over in the United Kingdom is a tad bizarre. But hey, I'll take what I can get.

EDIT: As a few readers have pointed out, apparently I haven't played Final Fight 2 in way too long, since that game does in fact take place internationally. Still makes little sense to have a banner in London of all places though, even moreso once featuring Cody and Guy who aren't even playable in that game.

There you have it, that's about all we can say about the status of Final Fight characters in the Street Fighter 5 world right now. Let's see what Cody brings to the table, and if he's bringing any of our old favorites with him for the story mode, or perhaps even the second chapter of the cinematic story Capcom have been saying they hope to be able to make.

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