Leffen and Go1 just played what may be the most intense Dragon Ball FighterZ match we've seen to date

This is not for the weak of heart

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 30, 2018 at 3:13 p.m. PDT

With uncanny comebacks, insanely tense defensive series and even a Shenron summon, we just witnessed a set that very well may be looked at as one of Dragon Ball FighterZ's most memorable bouts for years to come.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ competitive landscape has been shifting in recent months as the once untouchable CO|Go1 finally fell back at Combo Breaker and NRG|HookGangGod rose up to take Summit of Power shortly thereafter.

While FOX|SonicFox and the aforementioned two competitors have been decidedly the top three as of late, TSM|Leffen has been noticeably poised and ready to potentially break through to the next level and join the absolute top ranks. His display during top 48 at CEO 2018 furthered that notion in a huge way.

The Swedish player known traditionally for his god slaying skills in Super Smash Bros. Melee took on a god from a whole other world as he faced Go1 in DBFZ. Their set would be one of the most intense exchanges the game has seen to date.

As rare a statement as it is, Leffen entered this set as the clear underdog. He would quickly show audiences just how much he'd been training, however, as he took it to his Japanese foe early on.

The first clip here sees Leffen confidently pile on some offense while the second sees him pull off an incredibly ambiguous mix up that sends commentators Yipes and Hellpockets into the first of many frenzies:

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Despite being down to one character against his opponent's full team, Go1 reminded the world just how hard a man to kill he is:

Not only would he survive Leffen's attacks, Go1 would turn things around and score an extremely crucial Shenron summon:

Armed with two Sparking Blasts, Go1 completed his improbable comeback to take the first game:

Lesser players would have been tilted by the demoralizing comeback Go1 made in game one, but Leffen maintained full composure and tied up the set at 1-1:

We can't blame them, but both players found themselves buckling under the immense pressure in the third and final match. Mistake after mistake led for an unpredictable back and forth as both vied for control:

Leffen would be the first to regain composure and once again take out two of Go1's team members before losing any of his own. Once again, Go1 wouldn't go down easily:

The following sequence did a number on the hearts of every person watching. Go1 fielded attack after attack to stay alive as the clock dwindled down farther than we almost ever see it go in a competitive DBFZ bout:

After what seemed like an eternity and a half, a winner was finally crowned:

Both players will continue to play as we whittle down to the top eight. For live results and full tournament coverage head to our CEO 2018 event article.

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