Daigo and Infiltration have the best set ever, Fujimura with the fastest perfect and more: ELEAGUE week 4 group D highlights for Street Fighter 5

The Beast has air throws for days

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 22, 2018 at 8:05 p.m. PDT

Week four of ELEAGUE action is in the bag with perhaps the most exciting round of action yet for Street Fighter 5 thanks to players like CYG|Daigo Umehara, PG|Infiltration and FD|Fujimura.

Fujimura was the most impressive player during round robin play finishing the initial sets with a record of 5-0 giving us the fastest perfect round I've seen in a tournament in Street Fighter 5. Infiltration even pulled out a surprise Chun Li pick to try and slow down Fujimura's oppressive Ibuki.

Daigo also came out swinging today ending pool play with a 4-1 record and ended up taking the whole bracket on Winner's side in a crazy set with Fujimura. I've never seen somebody land as many air throws as I watched the Beast do onto his opponents tonight.

Merge|Filipino Champ had some very impressive moments with Dhalsim, but ended up being suffocated by the offense of Fujimura, Idom and FD|Haitani as well as the masterful zoning of Infiltration and Daigo.

Daigo and Infiltration gave us one of the most exciting sets in Street Fighter 5 in the Winner's side of bracket play with characters most would not say are normally very exciting, Guile and Menat. Multiple rounds came down to the timer being a factor with a back-and-forth we don't see too often in this title.

Let's lead things off with Daigo sending Infiltration the message that he doesn't play with his food.

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Infiltration with the clutch block on the overhead and wins the lame out competition:

Daigo goes on an absolute rampage with Sonic Booms:

Menat has back up. Even when you think you've got her, beware:

Daigo almost scores the big comeback against Fujimura, but the Ibuki player has other plans with his own disgusting combo

Daigo tells Fujimura to go to loser's bracket with another air throw:

Even when you think you win against Fujimura, you still lose:

Fujimura scores the stun in 10 seconds and the perfect in only five more against Haitani:

Fchamp and Daigo's first round came down to the wire with an abundance of floating, teleporting, EX fireballs and whiffed Flash Kicks:

Haitani and Fchamp's set came down to the final game, but the Akuma player was firing on all cylinders in game 5:

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