Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds the option to toggle stage hazards on and off for the first time in the series' history

This is a bit of a big deal

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 14, 2018 at 5:03 p.m. PDT

Nintendo and Masahiro Sakurai revealed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate earlier this week, and it appears as though the developers have been taking the fans requests and wants to heart with their inclusion of every character from every Smash game ever and their addition of new mechanics and options.

The long requested Ridley finally joins the roster of the biggest gaming crossover ever, but that's not the only long awaited inclusion added to this culmination the series has been building towards for nearly two decades.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds the option to toggle stage hazards on and off for the first time in the series' 19 year history which is a big deal for the competitive crowd and the crowd sitting on the couch with their family and friends.

This means that there will be at least four versions of many of the stages in Smash Ultimate with the standard stage with hazards on, the stage with hazards off, the Omega version of stages as well as the new battlefield version also added as a new feature in Ultimate.

Smash 4 added the option for 'Omega' versions of every stage turning them into a Final Destination-style variant to add more competitively viable stages though making them essentially re-skins did not do anything for the game's balance or meta.

These new additions could nearly triple the amount of "viable" stages while also adding much more depth and variety to the selection for more casual players looking for fairer matches without needing to worry about hazards or heading straight for Final Destination and add more to the stage select meta for more competitive players.

For Frigate Orpheon, the stage normally flips upside-down at certain points during matches, but it will stay only on its default platforms when stage hazards are turned off.

The E3 demo of the game features all stage hazards turned off, so in the first video below we've included the match between TSM|ZeRo and TSM|Leffen where the hazards and stage selection are explained more. The second video shows off the Skyworld stage in action without the ability to break the floor.

Video source: Dragon Smash, Nintendo Treehouse

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