The ESRB may have leaked unannounced characters for Soul Calibur 6

Cervantes, Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na may be shown for the title in the near future

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 14, 2018 at 7:31 p.m. PDT

Game developers need to disclose any forms of violent, sexual or drug related content to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) so they can give each title an age-based rating with descriptions as to what the game contains. Their description for Soul Calibur 6 may have included too many specifics.

The newest Soul Calibur title is rated 'T' for its use of "blood, mild language, partial nudity and violence" while its rating summary goes into more details as to what those ratings are for.

In the case of this title, they say which weapons the characters use including some that belong to characters that have yet to be announced for Soul Calibur 6.

"This is a fighting game in which players engage in one-on-one combat with a large cast of supernatural and human characters. Characters punch, kick, and throw each other to drain opponents’ life meters. Several characters use swords, spears, pistols, axes, and nunchucks while fighting," states the ESRB's rating summary.

The pistols mentioned likely refer to our evil pirate friend Cervantes, who was technically shown in the game's latest story trailer in drawn stills, but has still not been shown in-game as of yet. The ax similarly points to Astaroth, who can also be seen in some story more screen shots though Lizardman and Rock also wield axes.

More interestingly, the spears listing points to likely either Seong Mi-Na, who was left off of the roster in Soul Calibur 5, or Hilde, who fights with a spear along with a sword and was first added to the roster in Soul Calibur 4. The game's story does take place between the Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur 2, both games Seong Mi-Na appeared in, making the naginata wielder a strong candidate for the new title's roster.

The gallery below shows the original Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur 2 designs for Cervantes, Seong Mi-Na and Astaroth so we have a better idea of how they may appear in Soul Calibur 6 if/ when they are announced.

Soul Calibur designs image #1 Soul Calibur designs image #2 Soul Calibur designs image #3
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We should know more soon as the game is set to launch on October 19th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: ESRB
Image sources: Soul Calibur Wiki

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