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Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 results ft. ZeRo, Armada, Mango, MKLeo, Abadango, Plup, Mr. R and Lucky

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 12, 2018 at 4:22 p.m. PDT • Comments: 11

Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 has finished up now. It featured the unreleased Super Smash Bros. Ultimate title on Nintendo Switch.

There were a total of eight players who will be competing at this invitational. They are TSM|ZeRo, Alliance|Armada, C9|Mango, FOX|MKLeo, Abadango, PG|Plup, BC|Mr. R and DIG|Lucky.

An even mix of Melee and Smash 4 players were invited, with ZeRo, MKLeo, Abadango and Mr. R primarily being known for the latter title, while Armada, Mango, Plup and Lucky are better known for Melee.

The tournament is a double elimination format, with round one or winners and losers bracket starting off as a 2v2 affair. The tournament will then transition into a 1v1 format, but will have some free for all exhibitions mixed in between sets.

Players have a roster of three characters to use throughout the tournament. Once a player has used a character, that fighter is ineligible until the other characters have been played in a game. Once all three characters have been played, the character selection choices reset.

This version of Smash Ultimate is the E3 2018 build of the game, so there are only about 30 characters available out of the 65 currently announced. According to Sakurai, the pro players have had very little time with the new game before this competition got started.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — Results

1. TSM|ZeRo (Mario, Sheik, Ike)
2. FOX|MKLeo (Sonic, Bayonetta, Snake)
3. PG|Plup (Ridley, Pit, Villager)
4. Alliance|Armada (Samus, Pokemon Trainer, Kirby)
4. C9|Mango (Ganondorf, Inkling, Link)
4. Abadango (Corrin, Mewtwo, Pac-Man)
7. BC|Mr. R (Ryu, Cloud, Little Mac)
7. DIG|Lucky (Bowser, Marth, Fox)

Smash Ultimate — 1v1 battle log

• Grand finals, set two: TSM|ZeRo (Mario) eliminated FOX|MKLeo (Sonic) 2-1.

• Grand finals, set one: FOX|MKLeo (Bayonetta, Sonic) beat TSM|ZeRo (Mario, Sheik) 2-0.

• FOX|MKLeo (Bayonetta) eliminated PG|Plup (Ridley).

• TSM|ZeRo (Sheik) beat FOX|MKLeo (Snake).

• FOX|MKLeo (Sonic) beat C9|Mango (Inkling).

• TSM|ZeRo (Ike) beat Alliance|Armada (Pokemon Trainer).

Smash Ultimate — 4 player free for all battle log

• PG|Plup (Pit) eliminated Alliance|Armada (Kirby), C9|Mango (Link), Abadango (Mewtwo).

Smash Ultimate — 2v2 battle log

• Abadango (Pac-Man) PG|Plup (Villager) eliminated BC|Mr. R (Ryu) DIG|Lucky (Bowser).

• FOX|MKLeo (Bayonetta) C9|Mango (Ganondorf) beat BC|Mr. R (Cloud) DIG|Lucky (Marth).

• Alliance|Armada (Samus) TSM|ZeRo (Mario) beat Abadango (Corrin) PG|Plup (Ridley).

The stream is being hosted by Nintendo.

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