Here's what Ridley can do in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Breakdown recap from today's Nintendo Treehouse Live

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Unless you've been purposely avoiding the internet up until now, you've probably seen the insanely large wave of Super Smash Bros. news come out of E3 2018. As we now know, Nintendo's new title for the Switch is called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it looks awesome.

Not only will we be seeing every character from the Super Smash Bros. series return in this installment, but there are going to be a handful of new additions as well. One of these new characters is none other than the highly requested Metroid villain, Ridley.

Today's Nintendo Direct conference closed out with the Ridley reveal trailer, leaving viewers wanting more. Thankfully, the Nintendo Treehouse Live that followed right after the broadcast gave us that "more" we were asking for.

The Treehouse broadcast kicked off with a deeper look at Ridley and what he can do in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. From his special moves to seeing him in an actual match, we now have a better idea of how Samus' nemesis will fight in battle.

In this breakdown recap, we're going to check out several of Ridley's tools in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Before we get into that, though, let's take a gander at how tall this character is in comparison to others. According to Super Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai, Ridley is four meters tall (about 13 feet).

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Because of his height, it was difficult for the development team to put Ridley into Smash Bros. Ultimate and make him function properly. However, fan demand is what ultimately secured Ridley's spot on the roster.

One of his specials (presumably side B) sees Ridley grab the opponent and drag them across the floor. The inspiration for this move came from Super Smash Bros. Brawl where he was a boss character and would perform attacks like grabbing Samus and dragging her along the wall.

Ridley's neutral special is a fireball attack that can be charged for multiple hits. If struck when charging, Ridley will take quite a bit of damage, though.

Up special for Ridley is a quick flight maneuver that can help him recover when knocked off of the stage. It can be done in several different directions which makes for different flight angles.

Ridley's down special is a tail stab attack that has potential to do massive damage. If the attack's "sweet spot" is hit, the opponent will take about 60% damage.

Here's a look at Ridley's running attack and what appears to be neutral air.

Ridley's rapid attack is a series of tail strikes that seems to operate similarly to Fox's rapid kicks. We also see Ridley's hard-hitting forward smash.

Featured here we have down smash, as well as what looks to be up air and up smash.

Finally, here's a look at Ridley's Final Smash.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is headed to Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

Source: Nintendo.

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