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Cody's move set and appearance are full of references to Final Fight and other Capcom titles in Street Fighter 5

His moves go beyond the realm of fighting games

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 13, 2018 at 5:53 a.m. PDT • Comments: 87

We're still two weeks away from Cody's release in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, but he is currently playable at Capcom's booth at E3 giving most players their first chance at playing the new mayor of Metro City though many have already noticed he's quite different from his previous SF iterations.

Keen-eyed players on the internet have pointed out that Cody's normals and his specials have changed from Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter 4 and instead seems to pull most of his moves from his Final Fight days.

Twitter user Saint Cola posted an image comparing Cody's normals to his Final Fight punches which appear to be near one-to-one recreation from the classic Capcom Beat-em-up title judging by the position of his arms, legs and torso.

Another Twitter user, Ryo Redcyclone, dug even deeper showing off Cody's V-Skill is the same as his Double Kick from Final Fight which takes away from the brawlers life each time he uses it which carries over to Street Fighter 5. As noted in his character breakdown, his punching target combos are also lifted directly from Final Fight.

Cody's knife is now his V-Trigger 1 called "Side Arm" which is a reference to the 1986 Capcom shooting game Hyper Dyne Side Arms that was worked on by Noritaka Funamizu and Akira "Akiman" Yasuda, both of whom worked on multiple Street Fighter and other Capcom fighting game titles.

Mayor Travers' new tornado projectile actually isn't very new at all, as he first used the attack in 1993's Mighty Final Fight on the NES. You can check out Cody's references for yourself in the gallery below.

Cody references in Street Fighter 5 image #1 Cody references in Street Fighter 5 image #2 Cody references in Street Fighter 5 image #3 Cody references in Street Fighter 5 image #4 Cody references in Street Fighter 5 image #5
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Sources: Ryo_Redcyclone and Saint Cola

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