VesperArcade list their top 5 characters in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 14, 2018 at 9:45 a.m. PDT | Comments: 22

The April 3rd balance patch for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition caused a few shifts in the meta. Perhaps most notably, Abigail and Rashid are no longer considered by the community to be top tier characters.

For most, this makes it fairly obvious who the current top tiers are in the Season 3.5 meta. While some of the strongest fighters from Season 3 went virtually untouched, some of them were even buffed.

The team behind the VesperArcade channel has uploaded a video that shows their discussion on who they think are the top five in the game right now. Those that have been paying attention to the tournaments will likely have similar opinions.

They start by talking about Guile. Despite being a zoner, his upclose game is actually very strong thanks to his upside down kick and his Sonic Booms being +2 on block while up close.

Next they mention how the addition of the Soul Spark special has really helped Menat. Cammy is noted as being very strong at what she does, but tends to be a bit linear compared to the rest of the top tiers (which could make nerfing her a difficult task).

Finally, Ibuki and Akuma also make the list due to their great options. Once all the characters are mentioned, they discuss the similarities of these combatants, the strongest to weakest, and which fighters just barely missed the cut.


• Introduction - 0:00
• Guile - 1:09
• Menat - 3:35
• Cammy - 6:12
• Ibuki - 10:31
• Akuma - 15:13
• Top five similarities - 18:38
• Strongest to weakest - 20:34
• Who didn't make the cut? - 25:54
• Closing thoughts - 35:35

Feel free to compare this top five list to the top candidates in our tiers section. Be sure to let us know how the opinions of VesperArcade stacks up with your own.

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