Alioune - Dragon Ball FighterZ is based on a rich system, Street Fighter 5 is not, here's what happens when that's the case

French player offers incredible insight as to the consequences of each approach

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 14, 2018 at 4:01 p.m. PDT

BornFree continues his Combo Breaker interview series today with one of the FGC's most perceptive and scientific players, RCade|Alioune.

The French fighting game mastermind has some pretty profound insights as he compares Dragon Ball FighterZ to Street Fighter 5, specifically through the avenue of player/character relationships.

His observation is essentially that Street Fighter 5's balance doesn't hinge as much on general mechanics as it does individual character strengths. This is because the game's defining mechanic, the V-System, widely varies from fighter to fighter, and the game's system does relatively little to tether its characters together under a common banner.

As a result individual character changes have a drastic effect on performances. Alioune argues that that SF5 players are forced to naturally rely more on specific character strengths than they do their own abilities as competitors.

He contrasts this with Dragon Ball FighterZ, citing CO|Go1's team evolution in particular. The Japanese player's continued success through his transition from using Adult Gohan to Bardock struck few as surprising since few attributed his success to the particular strengths of Gohan over Go1's skills as a player.

There's plenty more to the interview, including Al's inputs on the secret strengths of Fat Buu in DBFZ, the fallacy of tier lists, thoughts on what would make Street Fighter 6 good and more. If you're looking to see his comments on the specifics from above, jump to the 28:28 mark.

00:00 Context: Alioune’s Fat Buu in action!
00:29 Question: Intro. What are you playing at the moment?
02:10 Question: History in fighting games? When did you decide to get good, and how? First tournament?
07:33 Question: Did you change your mindset to be a winner in fighting games?
09:00 Question: Why did you hone in on fighting games instead of other genres?
09:46 Question: Proudest moment in fighting games?
10:51 Question: You have play a lot of different games. How do you cope with changing your mindset between games quickly during pools?
14:10 Question: Do you feel like there is anything new in fighting games anymore? DBFZ, UNIST.
18:05 Question: Tell me about your DBFZ team and why you picked it?
22:04 Question: When the game was first announced what was your reaction?
24:39 Question: What would you like to see change in the future of this game?
28:28 Question: In general how does a patch affect a pro-player like you? How scary is it?
33:20 Question: How long did you play SF5 for? How do you feel about the game?
35:58 Question: What would you like to see return/in a SF6 game? Alioune speaks at length here about what he likes to see in fighting games and some of his issues with SF5.
50:43 Question: Have you had a Shenron moment? Do you think about how to incorporate Shenron?
57:40 Question: Any characters that are being slept on?
01:05:42 Question: Favorite player to watch at the moment, and of all time?
01:08:15 Question: How do you train?
01:12:50 Question: Nerves / pressure? How do you overcome it?
01:16:32 Question: If you were to put a team together from the whole Dragon Ball universe, based on the anime what would it be?
01:20:05 Question: Fused Zamasu / Vegito - are you interested in these characters?
01:22:35 Question: Any other characters you’d like to see in the game?
01:24:29 Question: Favorite saga in Dragon Ball and why?
01:25:42 Question: What new fighting games are you interested in?
01:27:28 Question: Favorite fighting game of all time?
01:29:15 Question: Do you play general video games?
01:30:17 Question: What are you into outside of video games?
01:38:58 Question: Tell me about your sponsor. BONUS awkward handshake!

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