A tale of parries and changes: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection's Street Fighter 3 retrospective video

Evolution that has shaped the series into modern times

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 4, 2018 at 4:31 p.m. PDT | Comments: 22

In honor of the recently released Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Capcom is releasing a retrospective video series narrated by prominent FGC member and commentator, James Chen, focusing this time on the initially controversial and highly impactful Street Fighter 3 series.

Street Fighter 3: New Generation drastically changed things up in February of 1997 by including only Ryu and Ken from the previous titles with the eight others in the base roster being completely new characters poising the American mixed-grappler, Alex, as the new lead character.

New Generation added the ability to pick from multiple Super Arts before a match, forward and backwards dashing, as well as its most famous addition to the series, the parry system, which rewarded players for taking risks based on their reads of the opponents.

Second Impact followed later that same year in September of 1997 and included the new fighters Urien and Hugo lending their size and stature to the games subtitle, Giant Attack. This game added another staple of Street Fighter moving forward, the EX Special moves, leading to the meter management strategy which has carried over to today.

A little under two years later, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike hit the arcades in May of 1999 with the roster expanding further to 19 fighters including Chun Li, Akuma (officially as he was a secret character in Second Impact), Q, Makoto, Remy and Twelve. The title also reintroduced the car breaking bonus stage from SF2 along with the coveted ranking system that would grade your performance after matches.

You can check out the full James Chen-narrated video after the jump to make the nostalgia-filled dive or learn about one of the most influential series in fighting games.

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