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Capcom is producing solid gold ingots for Street Fighter's 30th anniversary; you'll probably need to take out a loan to afford it

It could at least come with a game for all of your trouble

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 25, 2018 at 4:23 p.m. PDT • Comments: 40

Forget getting your girlfriend/ significant other an engagement ring to show your commitment now that you can purchase a solid block of gold engraved with Shadaloo's insignia and branding. I'm sure they'll appreciate it just as much if not more.

To commemorate Street Fighter's 30th anniversary way beyond the new games collection and cool Japanese Special Editions, Capcom is also producing solid gold ingots engraved with the Shadaloo name and logo along with the items weight and purity... for the really crazy collectors out there.

The main gold bar weighs 100 grams and is 47 mm tall x 27 mm wide. It will come in a special acrylic case/ stand with the Street Fighter 30th anniversary logo and special artwork depicting the original 'Four Kings' of Shadaloo: M. Bison, Balrog, Sagat and Vega.

Only 30 of these are set to be produced and will cost 950,000 yen or around $8,565 USD plus taxes.

A smaller version of this ludicrous collector's item will also be available that will be approximately 10 grams of pure gold that will cost 180,000 yen — $1,620. A necklace attachment add-on can be purchased to go along with the mini-bar for an extra 25,000 yen for those who wish to wear almost $2,000 worth of gold around their neck at their next family gathering or local tournament.

You can find these gold bars on the Japanese Chugaionline store website for those interested in investing in a shadow organization like Shadaloo... or just Capcom. Take a better look at $10,000 worth of Street Fighter gold for yourself in the gallery below.

Shadaloo gold image #1 Shadaloo gold image #2 Shadaloo gold image #3
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Sent in by Fawaz. Thanks as always for the tips!

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