What are the worst costumes in Street Fighter 5? EventHubs staff share their least favorite outfits in the game

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Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 24, 2018 at 4:02 p.m. PDT

A little while back we brought you our favorite Street Fighter 5 costumes, but today we're sharing the evermore enticing opinions on which threads are actually just bottom of the barrel rags.

DreamKing, DarkHorse, MajinTenshinhan and I have all rounded up our three least favorite outfits in SF5 and offered explanations as to why they're in our hall of shames.

First up for me is Alex's "Not giving a s*** at Walmart" attire, also known as his Story Mode costume. He's wearing sweatpants and a cutoff tee that only goes down to above his belly button. What? What does this have to do with anything? If Alex was depressed and had a drinking problem in his backstory then this would work fine, but otherwise it's just off putting.

Next up is Ed's Battle Outfit. The draped jacket over his shoulders looks like it would get in the way and wind up choking him or snagging one of his arms as he goes to throw a punch. The boxing gloves look goofy and out of place, and no parts of this costume seem to make any sense in relation to the others nor to what Ed might be doing.

My final pick is a two-fer and includes M. Bison's cape costumes. Visually these are great, as they capture the essence of the evil dictator. The problem is the way the capes clip through Bison and are actually distracting while you're playing against him.

These aren't as bad as Carnival Blanka back in SF4, but they definitely detract from the game play experience as they tend to hide some of Bison's movements.

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MajinTenshinhan's Picks

Alex Battle Outfit - When Alex was released, people were naturally hoping to get some cool alternate costumes for him, and what we got was him in some weak pajamas and... this.

It's hard to say everything that's wrong with Alex's Battle Outfit because I'm not sure there's anything right with it. The bare midriff, the biker short under boxers, the turned-around cap, it all just feels like a splotched together mess of everything that sucked about the '90s.

Thankfully, Alex has gotten a bunch of solid costumes since, but for the first few months, having this and some half-assed bedwear as his only two alternate costumes was wack.

Chun-Li Training Outfit - It's hardly a secret that Chun-Li gets a ridiculous amount of costumes in Street Fighter 5. It's to the point where any time a new costume is announced for any character, the Chun-Li costume memes will be there.

That said, it's Capcom's choice who they give costumes to, and if they sell well, then they're obviously going to focus on those characters. Also, Chun-Li is the most popular and iconic female fighter from Street Fighter. However, that doesn't excuse something lazy like her "Training Outfit".

If you're going to keep giving Chun-Li costumes, at least make them good costumes like her elegant CPT costume or gorgeous wedding dress. The Training Outfit is just a watered-down version of her regular clothing, to the point where I'm genuinely wondering if anyone actually bought it.

Compared to all the other costumes in the game, even for Chun-Li who has so many, it just seems lazy.

B-Boy Ryu and B-Girl Chun-Li - I might be breaking the rules here by doing a double whammy after already picking two costumes, but these two are just equally awful, and I can't ignore them. B-Boy Ryu and B-Girl Chun-Li are sponsored Red Bull costumes that just miss the mark entirely and make Capcom's two biggest faces for Street Fighter look like complete jokes.

Perhaps the most egregious part about it is that the B-Girl Chun-Li costume would probably fit perfectly well on Laura, but for some reason it's forced onto Chun-Li, re-skinning her to the point where you wouldn't even be able to tell it was her if it wasn't for the moveset.

Thankfully, there were Red Bull colors added to characters in the game later on which were much more muted than these, and seem more in line with what both Capcom and Red Bull should be looking for from a partnership. If they decide to do crazy costumes like the B Boy and B Girl ones again in the future, all I ask is that they at least make sure the costumes actually fit the character they're on. Please.

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DarkHorse's Picks

B-Boy Ryu just feels wrong as a design. This is something that should have stayed at most promotional material, but making it a full costume just makes it look lame and probably the most unfitting thing Ryu could ever wear.

Seeing all of Alex's Season 1 costumes was a pretty big disappointment though the biggest stinker among those was his Story Costume. Making someone fight in essentially in pajamas can be handled well, but there's absolutely nothing interesting going on with this design that essentially boils down to a shirt that's three sizes too small on Alex and some sweatpants.

Birdie's story "Shadaloo" outfit is just a reminder that the developers like putting large guys in tight clothes for whatever reason to the point that their guts are exploding out of their tops which also just makes me remember that Rufus exists. This costume is close to being cool, but please keep characters in clothes that fit them — this can apply to both sexes.

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DreamKing's Picks

Alex's Story - "He was attacked in his sleep, so this is how he ended up looking," says the C.R.I. Dude... who sleeps in a bandana and a belly shirt? Other than maybe the cholas who went to my high school. It feels like there were a million other directions that Capcom could have gone with Alex's Story Mode costume, but instead we got this one. Personally, I think "Bonita" Laura wore it better.

Karin's Professional - Don't get me wrong, Karin is great and has some amazing alternate outfits. But I'm pretty sure I know what the thought process behind her Professional costume was...

"Hey! Let's take Karin's Story Mode costume and add a tennis racket!" On the plus side, using the Easter egg variation for this one gives her a sweater, which makes it much more unique. The default look, though, is boring and uninspired. Next caller!

Rashid's Story - This is one of those costumes that just feels super generic to me. According to the Shadaloo C.R.I. website, this outfit takes Rashid back to his roots and you might see him "in the club."

To me, he looks like a discount pirate, but far less cool than what an actual discount pirate would actually look like. Fortunately, Rashid's other costumes are pretty darn good — especially the Viewtiful Joe Extra Battle costume.

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