Street Fighter 4 celebrates its 10th anniversary today; let's take a look back at the title's lasting legacy and hypest moments

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Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 18, 2018 at 4:14 p.m. PDT | Comments: 80

Street Fighter 4 was more than just a game to the fighting game community. It was a movement that reinvigorated Capcom's largest fighter franchise, and it would be fair to say the entire genre as a whole.

The title encapsulated the 90s arcade era with its roster of classic world warriors and style combined with all of the modern bells and whistles and graphics to make it a true successor to the game that kicked off the fighting game craze, Street Fighter 2.

Street Fighter 4 launched in Japanese arcades on July 18, 2008 making it 10 years old today — though the majority of us had to wait until 2009 to get our hands on the game's console versions.

Local scenes grew, major tournaments became more prominent in the competitive landscape and players traveled throughout the world and its continents to find the strongest opponents, level up their game and prove their skill among their peers.

The fourth numbered entry into Street Fighter's saw the return of many of the previous games' strongest competitors with the likes of CYG|Daigo Umehara and FOX|Justin Wong remaining dominant during SF4's reign.

Thousands of new faces also flooded the scene with standouts like PG|Infiltration and RZR|Xian rising quickly to the top and online warriors like RISE|Smug gaining recognition across their net battles and offline events.

Between the years of EVO, CEO, SCR and eventually Capcom Cup among dozens and hundreds of other events produced some of the best and hypest moments in fighting games' history with a recent compilation by FGC Highlights bringing together over an hour's worth of moments in a single video.

From Jwong and Daigo's famous Double KO moment to LU|Alex Valle taking down RB|Bonchan using Hugo, Street Fighter 4 has a seemingly endless amount of timeless moments which we can still appreciate today.

Street Fighter 4 was also among the first major titles to break ground on the growing online ecosystem of YouTube and eventually streaming sites like Twitch where players could watch tournaments all around the globe in real time with thousands of other people, upload their own matches and strategy guides, and enjoy special content like Excellent Adventures every Sunday morning.

That online ecosystem helped grow us all to where we are today with some players, commentators and content creators able to make a living off of their passion for the games and the competition plus recognition from Capcom themselves with the Capcom Pro Tour.

Check out FGC Highlights' compilation video below to relive those classic moments plus bask in some nostalgia, and share your favorites in the comments along with your personal favorite Street Fighter 4 memories from the past decade.

Here's to 10 years of Street Fighter 4.

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