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Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • July 19, 2018 at 11:43 a.m. PDT | Comments: 34

Tier list madness has officially hit EventHubs, and because we wanted to join in on the mayhem, Velociraptor and I crafted our own breakdowns for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, so we could hear how big of morons everyone thinks we are. Spoilers: I already think I am a moron, so that insult won't be nearly as effective...

Anyway, we rundown how we think all 31 current tournament selectable characters hold up, sans Cody, who's still a bit too early to call. From the top five to the bottom end, we explain our placements in this episode of the pod.

For those of you who want to skip straight to the goods, we've compiled our lists in text format so you can either follow along, or skip the pod entirely — and go straight to the comments to insult us.

We also delve into the content you see on EventHubs, explaining why we post the stories we do, and some back history on the approaches we take. This was sparked by a recent Twitter discussion asking us to post more about local scenes in the fighting game community.

The input lag issue for Street Fighter 5 also comes up, as recent discoveries have shown that the game fluctuates on the timing of when your button press comes out, by a few frames, depending on in-game action. This happens quite a bit more often than some other contemporary titles.

This is a longer episode of the EventHubs Podcast, so grab it and give it a listen during your commute, or however you listen on the go. It's available on most podcasting platforms, or you can click download icon in the embed below, and listen to it however you'd like.

Catalyst's Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tier list

1. Cammy
2. Akuma
3. tie Guile
3. tie Menat
5. Ibuki

6. Abigail
7. Rashid
8. M. Bison
9. Urien
10. R. Mika

11. Birdie
12. Karin
13. Kolin
14. Necalli
15. Balrog

16. Ken
17. Chun-Li
18. Laura
19. Zeku
20. Dhalsim

21. Juri
22. Nash
23. Falke
24. Sakura
25. Ed
26. Blanka
27. F.A.N.G

28. Alex
29. Vega
30. Ryu
31. Zangief

Velociraptor's Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tier list

S tier:
1. Cammy
2. Akuma
3. Guile
4. Menat
5. Ibuki

A tier:
• Rashid
• Kolin
• Abigail
• Urien
• M. Bison
• Necalli

B tier:
• Chun-Li
• Birdie
• Balrog
• Karin
• R. Mika

C tier:
• Laura
• Ken
• Zeku
• Juri
• Blanka
• Dhalsim

D tier:
• Nash
• F.A.N.G
• Sakura
• Ed
• Ryu
• Falke
• Zangief
• Alex
• Vega

Tiers in Velociraptor's list outside of S rank are in no particular order.

• 00:00 - On spotlighting local communities.
• 14:19 - Street Fighter 5's new input lag development.
• 23:12 - Tier list discussion.

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