This week's Street Fighter 5 missions offer 3,300 FM, a piece of Laura's new costume and more; here's a quick guide to 'It's Only Missile Disarmament'

You can actually squeeze out some extra FM with the new Extra Battle

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 13, 2018 at 2:52 p.m. PDT

It's Friday so that means another Fight Money drop for Street Fighter 5 players via some weekly missions and a new Extra Battle chance.

This week is also the second for Laura's new Devil May Cry outfit, so be sure to knock her around in the easily winnable round if you're aiming to get your hands on the Gloria threads. A Silver Shadaloo Soldier has popped up this week and you can fight him a total of three times with a reward of 10,000 experience for each knock out you muster.

He's not too simple so you might want to consider using a character you're decently versed in. Each attempt will cost you 250 FM. Leveling up characters gives you 1,000 FM per level, so beating the Soldier with lower level roster members can earn you a pretty penny.

There's also 3,300 FM available via weekly missions and we have all of them mapped out for you after the jump. The big boss of these is "It's Only Missile Disarmament," which you can get by following these steps:

Head to the far right of the Shadaloo Base stage and you'll find a worker monitoring a set of four inactive missiles. Scoring knockdowns will cause the worker to react, and if you keep at it these missiles will begin to fire off.

You'll have to continue doing this until all four are gone, so make sure to play through at least two rounds to get them all. Finish out the match and the 2,500 FM is yours. You can see the mission in action below.

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Weekly Missions 7/13/18 image #1
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Use a V-Skill 10 time(s): Perform V-Skill 10 times in either Ranked, Casual, or Battle Lounge matches. This will earn you 50 FM.

Use Fight Request to play a casual match: Turn on the Fight Request option from the main menu and search for a casual match. Once you land one, you'll get another 500 FM.

Use the Replay Search feature on CFN: Simply use the replay search feature on the CFN. Do so, and you'll instantly gain 250 FM.

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