How fast are fighting game players' reactions compared to pro athletes? ELEAGUE shares average reaction stats of the NBA, NHL, MLB and SF5

The FGC may be feeling themselves a bit after this one

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 13, 2018 at 3:56 p.m. PDT

With the way eSports are progressing it's not all that uncommon to hear comparisons of video games to more traditional forms of competitive entertainment such as baseball, basketball and the like.

While it's certainly not an apples to apples scenario, it is interesting to contrast the reaction times of pro athletes to those of the fighting game world.

During their pre-game show, ELEAGUE brought up a comparison of NBA, MLB and NHL players' average reaction stats as they perform in their respective sports. They also show the average reaction stats for Street Fighter 5 players, which are very much competitive to those of professionals of more established sports.

For a bit of perspective, a 95 mile per hour fastball takes about 400 milliseconds to get from a pitcher's hand to a hitter's bat while an average person's blink takes 405 milliseconds. Fighting game players concern themselves with precision down to single frames, which are 16.67 milliseconds each.

The reason why this isn't apples to apples is the obvious fact that pressing a button is very different than swinging a bat or nabbing a flying puck out of the air. As such we're hesitant to make much commentary about specific abilities and skill measurements here.

For a bit of fun you can check out the full stats page from ELEAGUE as well as the eye reaction speeds of the two fastest competitors at the event. Let us know what you gathered from this after viewing it by visiting the comments section below.

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