Having trouble dealing with Akuma or looking to pick him up? Tyrant and Packz are here to walk you through the demon's strengths and weaknesses

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 11, 2018 at 1:31 p.m. PDT

Akuma currently sits at number three on our tier lists — right behind Cammy and Menat — though it's an easy case to make to say that he is the Strongest character in Street Fighter 5.

Tyrant and Packz believe the demon to be the strongest in Street Fighter 5 Season 3.5, and they're back again on their YouTube channel, Frame Advantage, with a new video taking Akuma into the lab and breaking him down for those wishing to learn the character and those wishing to know more about taking down the character.

In a game that generally frowns upon standing back and tossing fireballs, Akuma actually shines. He may not be able to outpace Guile in that front, but his standard fireball can knockdown the opponent and standard red fireball can hit up to three times beating out anyone else unless they choose to burn precious EX meter.

Tyrant and Packz also believe that Akuma's standing jab is one of his strongest tools due to how far it reaches for such a fast button. The light punch reaches almost as far as Ryu's crouching medium kick as demonstrated by the pair, but his heavy punch target combo actually leaves enough of a gap for the opponent to interrupt it with Critical Art or a reversal.

Packz also makes the case as to why Akuma's V-Trigger 1 is the best in the game for both its activation and its uses. He even leaves Tyrant scratching his head in confusion when he tries to punish Akuma's landing after tossing out his air fireballs in V-Trigger which causes Tyrant to get blown up and eat a full combo.

You can take a look at the new Frame Advantage video after the jump along with the timestamps for their tutorial, and be sure to check out their previous videos for Cammy, Cody, Abigail and Guile for more guides and tutorials in Street Fighter 5.

0:33 - Character Overview
1:07 - Neutral
8:43 - Throws
12:25 - Demon Flip
19:02 - V-Trigger
26:03 - General Tips

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