This obscure Nintendo 64 fighting game let you fight a dancing cow that was a total jerk

You had to try and survive a full minute in the ring with this cow, and it was hard as hell

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 10, 2018 at 3:19 p.m. PDT

If you played fighting games on the Nintendo 64 growing up, you might have stumbled onto a game called Fighters Destiny. Though it isn't quite as recognizable as your Killer Instinct Golds or Super Smash Bros. 64s, this 3D fighting title released in 1998 had its fair share of interesting facets.

One of the features that made Fighters Destiny unique is its point scoring system. Players would earn points (or gold stars) each round by successfully performing certain acts such as ring outs (worth one star) or scoring a traditional KO (worth three stars), and the first player to seven stars would win the match.

Another thing that made Fighters Destiny stand out is the fact that you were able to face off against a dancing, taunting, hard as hell to beat cow named Ushi that was an absolute jerk.

As a youngster growing up in the 90s, I spent a lot of time playing fighting games on the Nintendo 64 — Fighters Destiny included. Seeing as though it's #CowAppreciationDay today (according to Twitter), I thought I'd finally write the story about one of the fighting game challenges that got my goat the most over the years (I would have written "got my cow," but I don't think that's a thing).

The Ushi fight was available for anyone who dared try it, right out of the gate in Fighters Destiny. To battle the cow, you'd have to head to Fighters Destiny's timed challenge modes and select the "Rodeo" mission.

Doing so put you on a platform against the aggressive and oddly nimble opponent. The point of this challenge was to see how quickly you could defeat Ushi, and after several tries you could probably win the fight as it only lasts one round.

However, if you wanted to unlock Ushi as a playable character (and who wouldn't want to do that?), you had to survive a whole minute on the platform with this crazy cow... and that was so damn hard to do.

A normal battle against Ushi, where you're actually fighting back, involved the cow quickly dodging your attacks, landing multi-hit special moves on you, and putting you into big submissions. Trying to block and stay away from the onslaught of attacks for a full minute was immensely more difficult to pull off, and to make matters worse the cow would dance and taunt you throughout the fight after hitting you with certain moves.

Click image for animated version

Despite this challenge being an absolute nightmare to complete, I always find myself looking back on it and having a good laugh at how ridiculous and odd the whole thing is. One day I'll revisit this mission as an adult and body Ushi once and for all...

Below are a couple of videos showing a regular fight with Ushi and the unlocking mission in Fighters Destiny.

Video sources: Emulation64 and Jesse Jackson.

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