Yun gives new meaning to the term 'hat trick' in Street Fighter 3: Second Impact

You spin my right round

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 9, 2018 at 4:36 p.m. PDT | Comments: 15

Yun is recognized as one of the poster boys and most recognizable characters for the Street Fighter 3 series of games, even outside of being among the top tier characters in Third Strike for his style, animation and possibly his resemblance to a certain Gundam character.

The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection came out in May (unless you live in Japan) bringing with it 12 classic Street Fighter titles to the modern era including all three of the games from th Street Fighter 3 series.

A Twitter user by the name of FlashG recently uploaded a clip showing off how to easily get a perfect score using Yun for Sean's level 5 basketball parry Bonus Stage in the oft overlooked Street Fighter 3: Second Impact plus the special goody you receive for performing such a feat.

Yun's taunt in the game sees him spin his signature cap around his finger, and as it turns out, the hat has enough of a hit box to knock away all 20 of Sean's balls that get tossed his way with ease giving him a perfect score of a cool 160,000 bonus towards his arcade run.

For getting the perfect score on the Bonus Stage, it appears as though the game will go into your character's Super Art animation to celebrate your supposedly difficult accomplishments.

You can take a look at FlashG's full clip of the Bonus Stage below, and let us know what your favorite tidbit or small detail about these classic Street Fighter games is in the comments section after the jump.

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