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Broly, Bardock and six others reportedly found via data mining as upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ characters

If this is real, get ready for even more Goku and Vegeta

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 30, 2018 at 1:16 p.m. PST • Comments: 101

Nothing official, but as has become the norm in fighting game development news as of late, reports of the identities of the eight DLC characters en route to Dragon Ball FighterZ have surfaced on the web thanks to ResetEra user TDLink.

The first of these, Broly, comes as little surprise as he is easily the most discussed hopeful for DBF from Dragon Ball fans across the internet. Others include base versions of both Vegeta and Goku, Goku's father Bardock, Vegito and Zamasu.

With slightly less certainty, Link says that Android 17 and Frieza's brother Cooler will be the other two to round out the eight newcomer batch. In addition to this, the miner claims to have found two new modes titled "Z Union" and "Z League."

This was evidence enough to get major video game and entertainment news company IGN to run a story and feature a quick nod in one of their recent Daily Fix videos.

Below we've included said feature from IGN as well as the original video that highlights the data mined findings of TDLink. The DLC character pass will come with a $34.99 price tag and includes eight warriros, each of which coming with their respective in-game stamp, lobby avatars, and alternate colors.

Check out the videos below and then let us know who you're excited for and who you think will make the DLC addition for Dragon Ball FighterZ in the comments afterwards.

For more data mined findings, check out SergioM3's YouTube page.

Thank you to maddog666 for the submission.
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