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Capcom is seemingly cutting Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's fight money earned from the weekly missions in half

Will the Extra Battle modes fill in the gaps?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 19, 2018 at 7:49 p.m. PST • Comments: 122

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition was released just earlier this week on January 16, 2018. This update did a lot of things right. Many have praised this update as being what the game should've been upon its launch.

This version of the game came packaged with new modes, a balance update, new V-Trigger options for the entire cast, Sakura as the first Season 3 character, and even more beyond that. Within the game, there is now an adequate amount of content for both casual and veteran players alike.

It wasn't all good though. Before the release, it was announced that many fight money opportunities within the single player mode would be disappearing. This was a bitter pill many of us swallowed.

Without any sort of warning, we learned that the fight money that we'll be earning from weekly missions are going to be cut in half. This seems to be contradictory to Capcom's previous statement on why the single player fight money was being removed.

Specifically, they said (in the Japanese blog, not the English one) that the fight money that was earned by completing trials and survival might as well not have been there for players that aren't that skilled. Instead they would be providing fight money opportunities through the Extra Battle mode in place of the trials, survival, character stories, and demonstrations while continuing weekly missions.

Were the weekly missions difficult to complete? Personally, I don't think so. There currently exists no statement on why the value of these missions have suddenly been halved.

The mission "Respectful Spectating" would previously award 5,000 FM, which is more than the entire set of missions we have this week on its own. Completing this task takes no more than five minutes (this is a stretch) independently of the player's skill level.

Given, the fight money that we'll be earning from the extra battles do look to be quite profitable -- although they've been delayed a week. These missions will only be available so often and you have to expend fight money in order to participate the limited number of tries that they will allow for.

Essentially, Capcom now has a little more control over the flow of fight money. Here's hoping that these reductions to this week's missions are not a sign of things to come.

Perhaps the Extra Battles will indeed fill in the gap of what was taken away. We can only wait and see if we'll reap high rewards or disappointment.

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