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Gunfight, StormKubo and Kichipa-mu picked up for sponsorship by Atlas Bear

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • January 18, 2018 at 3 p.m. PST • Comments: 27

A new fighting game team has joined the fray of sponsors pushing FGC players to new heights.

The newly formed Atlas Bear, started by Indonesian entrepreneur Kevin Mintaraga, and based in Japan, has picked up three of the most exciting players currently in the game.

Gunfight, hailed as perhaps the world's best Alex, StormKubo, who put Abigail on the map and showed us some intense sets with him, and Kichipa-mu, the Zangief master who puts every foe on their toes have been chosen to join the roster of Atlas Bear at its inception today.

The first event these players will represent the team at comes next weekend, namely EVO Japan 2018.

All of these three players are fan favorites who we continuously see people ask to see sponsored, so hopefully they'll be able to shoulder the burden and bring the hype to all of their supporters.

Continue below for some quotes from the press release, starting with a quote from the team's founder Kevin Mintaraga.

We want to enlist players with big ambitions and huge potential, but are not yet exposed to the global e-sport scene. We want to give them a chance to gain worldwide recognition and we’re excited for what they can do.

Following up on this, Benoit "Gunfight" Arquilla filled in with a statement for why StormKubo and Kichipa-mu were approached for representation by Atlas Bear.

They are young, they’re growing at exponential rate, and they have gained recognisable experience in the last couple of years. StormKUBO is one of the world’s best Abigailplayer and Kichipa-mu is famous for his hard read Zangief gameplay.

More importantly, they share the same passion and ambition that Kevin and I have for the team. I am excited by this move and I cannot wait to see the game they will bring to the FGC scene.

We wish all three players, as well as the newly formed team Atlas Bear, the best of luck in the future, and we look forward to seeing them compete at EVO Japan 2018 next weekend.

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