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Feeling like Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition might be a little slow or clunky? You're not alone

The culprit could be one of a few things

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 18, 2018 at 7:46 p.m. PST • Comments: 125

After a very busy early week, I was finally able to get some time with Arcade Edition last night, but immediately noticed that it felt like I was playing underwater.

Of course, by "underwater" I mean an every so slight change in the fluidity of gameplay - a nuance that only the subconscious tends to pick up at first.

While I expect a newly updated game very well may have early network issues that affect online play, it felt as though my character was a few pounds heavier even offline in Training Mode.

I took to the usual social avenues to see if I was crazy, (or perhaps had a faulty setup) or if others were experiencing similar issues. Sure enough, one of the most experienced players in the business, LU|Alex Valle, shared a similar sentiment.

Upon inspecting the thread that emerged from his "Does #SFVAE offline feel a lil laggy for anybody?" Twitter post, I found more than a few others agreeing.

There are a few factors that could potentially be at work here, the first of which is the infamous Street Fighter 5 input delay.

Input Lag?

Adeel "Fourwude" Soomro of DisplayLag has made it his business (literally) to know the intricacies of all things input lag when it comes to HDTV's and monitors.

Soomro performed an input lag test on Arcade Edition shortly after it dropped, documenting his findings in this video:

The game's input lag before Arcade Edition was just over six frames, so it appears there's been little to no alteration in this avenue. There's a small chance that the input lag could be slightly greater than in the previous iteration of SF5, (by a few tenths of a frame).

Move Recovery?

It's fairly widespread knowledge that many characters' throw animations have gained more recovery frames in order to reduce instances of throw loops in the game. Such an alteration is naturally going to give players a perception of slowed pace as they play, simply because their characters are now going to be locked into animations longer than they're used to.

If it's throw animations alone that have been extended, players likely wouldn't be expressing a feeling of overall clunkiness. If developers have altered more than just throw loop animations, this could potentially account for said feelings.

Indeed we felt similar changes after the graduation from Season 1 to Season 2 when Capcom made it a point to increase recovery times for not only throws, but many of the game's normals as well.


Several games have had new or old issues creep up when a large update has been introduced. A recent example with Street Fighter 5 was the CFN update back in May of 2017.

Capcom delayed the update's release to the mass public and also the next Season 2 character who happened to be Ed — even after they have conducted a beta test.

Simply put, problems creeping up after a major update are not unheard of, as it took Capcom time to make sure all of their ducks were in a row with the CFN update a little under a year ago.

Reading through the comments on Valle's tweet, many people are claiming they've seen dropped frames on certain stages and with certain training options on. We haven't seen much in the way of official testing for this, but if the game is indeed dropping frames on a regular basis, Capcom will probably need to quickly step in and make adjustments.

Final Thoughts

Like the transition from S1 to S2, it may just take a little time to get used to the game's new pace. Growing pains are often very frustrating, but will subside with practice as your fingers and mind eventually adjust.

If this goes deeper than mere extended recovery frames, there may be an issue here that the developers will want to jump on. The best way to figure this out at this point is communal discussion, and so we'd like to hear your experiences on this front, so please let us know if Arcade Edition has felt a little slower both online or offline for you.

Banner art credit: DaStigy.
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