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Android 21 joins Dragon Ball FighterZ as a playable character

New V-Jump scan makes the reveal

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • January 17, 2018 at 6:24 a.m. PST • Comments: 143

Another character enters the Dragon Ball FighterZ fight. Android 21 has been confirmed as a playable character.

Ever since she was first shown to be a part of the game's story mode, fans anxiously awaited her reveal as part of the actual roster. In the latest issue of V-Jump, that reveal has finally come.

ShonenGames, who we have to thank for sharing the scan, reports that Android 21 is the final character on the game's launch roster.

As we can see from the images, she looks a bit different than we're used to. It appears that she has taken on a Majin form, wearing similar clothing to Majin Buu.

One screenshot on the scan shows Android 21 speaking with Buu in what looks to be a story mode cut scene, so perhaps we will find out why she has taken on this form.

According to the scan, which has been translated by our very own MajinTenshinhan, Android 21 has the ability to absorb energy from her opponents. Her special move, Tasting Cut, sees her grab the opponent and steal their energy from them.

Once she does so, she can utilize her foe's moves. The scan makes mention of her firing a Kamehameha, and notes that if she absorbs Krillin's energy, she gains access to Solar Flare.

The more she learns about her opponent, the more she gets to use. She can also turn her opponents into sweets, as we see in one screenshot, and her Meteor Super Attack is very similar to Majin Buu's.

Android 21 in Dragon Ball FighterZ image #1
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After the jump you'll find some more translated information about Android 21 directly from the scan, including her stats.

Android 21

A character wrapped in mystery, Android 21 joins the battle! Long, white hair, pink skin... She holds the key of the story mode, and in her transformed form, she joins the battle!

She's an android, but she looks just like a Majin... ?! Besides being a scientist with exceptional intellect, everything about her is shrouded in mystery. What's her goal for joining the fight... ?!

Normally, she wears scientist clothes, but before battling she transforms. Are her abilities unleashed through this transformation... ?!

Looking at her joy while holding sweets, she seems even more related to a Majin... ?

Another image of Android #21, filled with rage. But who is it aimed at... ? What's worrying is, is she an ally or an enemy? Is she actually working together with the Z Warriors... ?

Ease of use - A
Power - B
Speed - A
Reach - S
Technique - S
Energy - B

Dragon Ball FighterZ is due out on January 26th.

Sent in by RYU81, ThatsaDandyCombo, NirvanaNexus, CapN_Crump, and NumeroGaijin.

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