Ed's second V-Trigger greatly enhances his combos and pressure thanks to his 'Ultra Snatcher' technique

Combo extension on hit, advantage on block

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 12, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. PST

As we all already know, every fighter in Street Fighter 5 will be receiving a second V-Trigger in the Arcade Edition update. Going forward, all new characters will have two V-Triggers.

In the case of Ed, his second V-Trigger is known as Enhanced Snatcher. So does this new option even compare to the Psycho Cannon?

According to Harrison and Mike D. during the Capcom Unity stream, Ed's newest V-Trigger might give him something he is in desperate need of. Essentially this gives him some extra damage to work with.

While active, Ed gains access to two new moves -- the Ultra Snatcher ground variation and the Ultra Snatcher anti-air variation. These are enhanced versions of his V-Skill, the Psycho Snatcher.

As a result of these new moves, additional combo extenders are available to Ed players. It appears as though certain special moves, like the Psycho Shot, are able to be cancelled into the Ultra Snatcher.

Ed isn't just finishing combos with the Ultra Snatcher, however. He can continue to hit the opponent afterwards. The resulting damage output is very impressive.

Click image for animated version

Not only is this going to serve as a combo extender, but it also grants Ed some amazing pressure. Whether the opponent takes the hit or is able to block the Ultra Snatcher, Ed will pull himself towards them.

The best part about this? If the opponent blocks it, Ed will be left at a +2 advantage. He'll be able to keep up the pressure and force the opponent into a mix up game.

Thanks to this and the range of this technique, players will essentially be able to "fish" a little bit. Both scenarios appear to be favorable to the user of this V-Trigger.

Harrison and Mike D. also showed that Ed will be able to easily hit confirm using the new attacks. After landing a crush counter crouching heavy punch, the enemy is launched.

From here, all Ed has to do is use the anti-air version of the Ultra Snatcher. Note that he isn't cancelling the move -- just simply reacting to the hit.

Finally, the move can be cancelled into a Critical Art. While you won't hit the opponent with all of the hits of the Critical Art, they will still take the bulk of the damage.

Not much beyond that was shown for Ed's newest V-Trigger. Right from the get-go, it was described as being a little basic. Still, it does come across as effective.

V-Triggers that grant both damage and pressure tend to be very strong in Street Fighter 5. This might be strong enough to make Ed see more play.

The main trade off compared to the Psycho Cannon is that it requires three bars of V-Gauge instead of two.

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