We had no idea just how strong or versatile Kolin's V-Trigger 2 actually is

Combo extender, set up maker, stun freezer and more

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 11, 2018 at 7:33 p.m. PST

We've known new V-Triggers are on their way to Street Fighter 5 for some time now, and we've known that one of the chief purposes in Capcom's implementation of these is to add depth to the game's characters, but it wasn't until the company's recent Unity stream that we got a true appreciation for what's coming.

Harrison and Mike D gave us a more nuanced showcasing of these new moves than we've ever had, taking us beyond mere animation and into application.

What's more, these new V-Triggers seem to often offer more than one new move or buff to characters. That's exemplified very clearly in Kolin, who gets better in multiple avenues once she pops V-Trigger 2.

Kolin gets more range on her normals as she gets ice blades that form at the end of her hands. Not only does this mean she can reach you from farther away, she can also set up new frame traps.

Additionally Kolin gets access to a new rush punch move by pressing heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time. Players can do this on its own, but can also cancel from normals like low forward, and then cancel from there into Critical Art, making her footsies much stronger.

What's more, if she lands her new rush punch attack, she can perform it a second time for a combo that freezes the opponent's stun bar, much like her V-Trigger 1:

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The ice dash already has obvious implementations, but there's even more to it. If Kolin neutral jumps while skating forward, she maintains a smidgen of her momentum and will continue to move forward slightly in the air, which allows for mix ups like this:

Finally, Mike D shows us further application of this new V-Trigger with this ambiguous left/right mix up that comes out of a situation we very commonly see Kolin in already:

Right about this time you may be thinking Kolin just became one of the scariest characters in the game. Two things on that.

First off, remember that you won't be able to pull out every one of these tricks after activation, since each move uses some of Kolin's V-Gauge. She'll have plenty of tools in her arsenal, but will have to pick and choose how she uses them in the one or two activations per round.

Second, Kolin isn't the only character that's getting this treatment. While it may be that not every character is getting such a varied V-Trigger 2, many will. Capcom teased us with the concept of "combo extenders" in the Arcade Edition trailer, and we're now seeing the fruits of that initiative.

We'll be back soon with another character highlight from the beautifully done Capcom Unity showcase stream, hopefully simultaneously making you more excited and distracted (so the time passes more quickly) as we count down the days to AE.

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