Tokido and Punk face off in a first-to-10 EVO rematch exhibition

A rematch to one of the greatest Street Fighter 5 sets in 2017 to start things off for the new year

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 1, 2018 at 6:02 p.m. PST

Without a doubt, FOX|Tokido and PG|Punk are among some of the best Street Fighter 5 players in the world right now. Their tournament runs throughout 2017 are certainly proof of this.

During EVO 2017, these two faced off against one another in the grand finals. As you might expect, it was a spectacle worthy of the history books.

While both players played phenomenally, it was Tokido who was able to take home the grand prize that day. This is especially noteworthy as it was the first time that Tokido was able to win first place at an EVO tournament -- this despite the fact that Tokido has always been known as a fantastic Street Fighter player and has been involved with the scene for a long time.

Recently, Nico Nico streamed a first-to-10 rematch exhibition between these two players. Please note that you'll need a Nico Nico account in order to view the stream archive. There are, of course, other ways to view the exhibition.

As a result, we don't have any clips to show off but we do have a breakdown of the set. Let's jump right in!

Matches 1 - 3

Things started off looking really good for Tokido. While their health totals were about equal, Tokido was able to secure a positional advantage over Punk by quickly pushing him into the corner.

Punk was then forced to take mixups. Eventually, Punk was able to shift momentum in his favor thanks to a well-timed V-Reversal. As a result, Punk took the first round.

He would also take the second round of the first match by using both his V-Trigger and Critical Art. While things had only just begun, Punk was taking an early lead.

Tokido answered back in the second match. He was able to apply pressure through effective frame traps and played a strong keep-away game when Punk had his V-Trigger.

The set then became tied. The score was 1 - 1. Both players needed nine more wins.

This time, Punk was in control. With a significant life lead, Punk pushed Tokido into the corner. While Tokido was able to get out, Punk was able to punish the zoning attempt for the round victory.

Punk wasn't going to stop there, however. In the next round, he was able to stun Tokido and take the third match. Now the score was 2 - 1 in Punk's favor.

It's certainly interesting how the two players would just win both rounds of the matches they would win so far. At such a high level, things can really snowball out of control.

Matches 4 - 9

Into the next round of the next match, Tokido was working on a perfect. Punk was eventually able to land a few hits before losing though.

The situation looked similar in the next round too. Once again, Tokido came close to getting the first perfect of the exhibition but was ultimately thwarted. He did win the match with a Critical Art finish.

Things came down to the last hit for the next round, but Tokido was able to take that one too. The same thing happened for the next round too. Tokido was able to turn a 2 - 1 deficit into a 3 - 2 advantage.

Once more, Tokido just barely missed a perfect. He even parried a V-Reversal. Tokido was beginning to dominate.

Punk ended up taking the next round. This marked the first time in the exhibition that a player wasn't able to go 2 - 0 in a match.

It's clear that this was still anyone's game when Punk won the 6th match. The set exhibition was tied 3 - 3.

Then, all of a sudden, Tokido took the next three games. Just like that, the score was 6 - 3 in Tokido's favor.

Now Punk had switched to Akuma. This was certainly a bold move considering that Tokido is considered to be the best Akuma player in the world.

Matches 10 - 15

Despite the fact that Punk is most known for his Karin play, his Akuma was actually able to take Tokido's Akuma to the last hit in the next round. Tokido would ultimately win the first match of the mirror, however.

Once Tokido won the next match, Punk decided to go back to his Karin. Unfortunately for him, the exhibition was now 8 - 3 in favor of Tokido.

It looked like the switch had a bit of a mind game aspect to it though. After having to take the time to learn the ins and outs of Punk's Akuma, he had to re-adapt to Karin.

After having very impressively scouting out Tokido's Raging Demon set up (which surely would've hit most players), Punk was able to take the next match.

Punk began shutting down Tokido's options. He came very close to scoring two perfects in the next match. Things ended very quickly. The score was 8 - 5.

The exhibition would eventually end with a 10 - 5 victory for Tokido. In the final match, he took the first round with a Raging Demon and the second with a perfect.

Again, just to reiterate, this stream can be found on Nico Nico. You'll need an account if you want to watch it.

It also exists on YouTube if you want to go that route, but doing so won't support the event organizers.

Photo sources: CapcomFightersTV and Chris Bahn.

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