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Why is Android 16 so ridiculously strong in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

A grappler that is too well-rounded?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • February 27, 2018 at 4:36 a.m. PST • Comments: 63

We're starting to get a pretty good idea on Dragon Ball FighterZ's meta. This is thanks to the huge number of professional competitors that have dedicated time towards learning the game.

Not too long ago, we saw a few of these talented players release tier lists that show which characters are very strong right now. FOX|SonicFox released and updated a list, Jtails uploaded a video that demonstrated his opinions, and TSM|Leffen put his thoughts out on the matter.

While these three individuals did have different rankings listed, there were a few similarities in their tier lists. One thing that really stood out was the fact that Android 16 was unanimously viewed as the game's #1 fighter.

What exactly makes Android 16 stand out compared to the rest of the cast? There's no doubt that he has a lot of favorable properties to his attacks. He also benefits a great deal from the universal mechanics.

First and perhaps most importantly, Android 16 is a grappler. He has access to more unblockable command grabs than any other combatant in the game.

Generally, fighting game developers have designed this archetype a very specific way. These combatants usually have difficulties getting in, but they can reap very high rewards with their mix ups when they are able to do so.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, however, is a game where "getting in" on the opponent is almost never a problem. Every fighter in the game is armed with air dashes and super dashes that greatly enhance the mobility options across the board.

The biggest weakness of the grappler archetype simply doesn't exist for Android 16. In fact, his method of approach is probably better than most others in the game.

One of 16's strongest tools is his ground heavy attack. What's make it so good is the fact that it has armored properties.

Click image for animated version

Not a big deal though, right? Simply block it and punish. Actually, this is where another universal mechanic comes into play.

Heavy attacks are all special cancellable. This means that Android 16 always has the option to stay safe and keep the pressure going with specials and assists.

One move he can special cancel into is his anti-air grab. This launches him into the air with an unblockable grab -- it won't grab the opponent if they are on the ground.

Based on the strength of the button pressed, the mechanical behemoth will either stay in the front or cross up. From here, he can safely air dash before touching the ground. This is a highly rewarding maneuver that comes with very little risk associated with it.

We actually saw SonicFox using this during Winter Brawl 12.

His jab is also pretty amazing. Because it has so much reach, it can be used in situations where other fighters are forced to use their slower medium attacks since their jabs don't have the necessary range.

16's jab autocombo also ends with a command grab. Under normal circumstances, this command grab won't connect with a blocking opponent because they are in block stun.

To mitigate this, all you have to do is delay the third part so that it will beat the opponent's defenses. This means that Android 16 gets a 50/50 mix up after any blocked jab.

As pointed out by mercureXI, Android 16 has access to the game's only meterless hard knockdown. Everyone else in the cast have to use 3 bars of meter to simulate this effect.

This might be 16's most powerful trait. His okizeme game is clearly leaps and bounds better than everyone else's.

This certainly seems to indicate that Android 16 is an outstanding point character. With that said, he also has a top tier assist to work with. While it isn't quite as good as Vegeta's assist, it's probably in the realm of top five in the game.

The range of his assist is deceptive thanks to the fact that he jumps ahead of the fighter on point rather than staying behind. This comes out extremely fast and allows for pressure extension.

Overall, Android 16 is just way too well-rounded despite the fact that he is supposed to fulfill the role of a grappler. He reaps more benefits from the game's universal mechanics than most of the others. This is a fighter that can basically fit on any team.

Is he so strong that he will need adjustments? Only time will tell. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section.

Sources: HiFightTH, Bifuteki, Rooflemonger's YouTube channel.

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