'Guile is one of Kolin’s hardest matchups so I feel like I definitely proved my strength as a player by beating [Du]'- Nephew on Winter Brawl win

Sun talks Winter Brawl, Kolin's strengths, and more

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 27, 2018 at 5 p.m. PST

Winter Brawl 12 happened over the past weekend, and there was a fair amount of news from it. FOX|SonicFox won both Injustice 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ followed by him calling out GO1 again.

We also saw a newer face in Alan "Nephew" Sun take home the prize for Street Fighter 5: Arcade edition after beating NuckleDu twice in top 8. Sun also won using Kolin who had not seen much tournament success before in season 2.

Last night, we ran a piece about Nephew's play and broke down Kolin's tools and how he used them to win the day.

We reached out to the 19 year old college student for his thoughts on how the tournament went and Kolin as a character and how he uses her.

With gameplay and execution like his, perhaps we will be seeing more of Sun and his ice queen doing well in larger majors this year and beyond.

Let's jump on into the interview.

DarkHorse: First off I'd like to ask about your fighting game history. When did you start playing? What was your first fighting game? What was the first game you played competitively?

Nephew: Around January 2013 I saw Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition on sale on Steam and it just seemed like a really cool, fun game to try out. Throughout the rest of high school I had a good time playing it with friends at lunch and casually watching tournaments and other FGC content.

I did go to a couple of locals back in Michigan for USF4, but wasn’t really a competitive player; I didn’t know any frame data and only used training mode to practice some basic combos.

Street Fighter V is the first game I’ve played competitively. I’ve really enjoyed going to tournaments and trying to improve.

DarkHorse: What was going through your mind in pools and then later in Top 8?

Nephew:In pools and top 32 I was never completely confident that I would win. I took every match I played pretty seriously because I knew that some of the tough opponents I had in my way like Lil Evil and Burkish could definitely take me out.

DarkHorse: How did it feel to beat NuckleDu twice?

Nephew: Going into top 8, NuckleDu was the one that I mentally prepared for the most since I faced him first. Guile is also one of Kolin’s hardest matchups, so I feel like I definitely proved my strength as a player by beating him.

I actually almost choked during the last games of both my sets against NuckleDu so I felt pretty relieved when I still won.

DarkHorse: And how did it feel to win the whole thing?

Nephew: Winning the tournament was pretty unexpected, but it felt really good. I thought maybe I would beat NuckleDu in winners semis and then probably lose to Punk.

Hopefully I’ll get to play Punk in tournament this season at another event.

DarkHorse: Why do you play Kolin?

Nephew: I was a Ryu main in season 1, and after playing him for a month in season 2, I was looking for a character to switch to. Then Kolin came out and I thought her moves were cool and that she had a lot of potential so I’ve stuck with her since then.

DarkHorse: Where do you place Kolin in the tier list for Arcade Edition? Where do you think she shines and does best?

Nephew: I would agree with most people saying she’s around 5th or 6th. She’s definitely strong which is why I think she’s up there, but I think characters like Rashid, Guile and Akuma are more solid.

She’s always shined in her unique mobility options and her ability to change the pace of footsies with V-Skill and counters, but now she also has incredible damage and mix-up potential in V-Trigger 2.

DarkHorse: Where do you think her game needs help?

Nephew: I think the main thing she still struggles with is projectiles. Until she gets v-trigger, she has no answer that isn’t pretty risky.

DarkHorse: What did you think about Kolin's season 3 changes when you first saw them?

Nephew: When the patch notes first came out, it seemed like Kolin was going to be even worse than she was in season 2. After seeing the new V-trigger though, I think all of us Kolin players were excited since it’s very fun and strong.

DarkHorse: How good is Kolin's V-Trigger 2, and what makes it good?

Nephew: Her V-Trigger 2 is extremely good. It gives her amazing damage off of crush counter fierce, really scary mixups that lead into damage, an answer to projectiles and overall even better mobility.

DarkHorse: What makes your Kolin different from other players like Poongko?

Nephew: I believe I have a deeper understanding of the character than most players that use her. I’ve studied her options in a lot of situations and try to optimize everything that I do.

DarkHorse: How do you determine what to do out of (EX) Vanity Step?

Nephew: I just choose the option that I think my opponent isn’t ready for.

DarkHorse: Do you see Kolin doing better in the tournament scene this year?

Nephew: I definitely do. Towards the end of last season, I started thinking that Kolin was pretty weak in comparison to the rest of the cast.

She didn’t really get the damage or pressure that she needed in order to compete. Now with her buffs and changes to the rest of the cast such as removal of throw loops, she is much more viable.

DarkHorse: Are you going to go to more majors this year?

Nephew: Yes, my next one will be Final Round, and I plan on going to more later on as well.

DarkHorse: Are you planning on putting more focus or effort into the competitive scene after your win?

Nephew: I was already planning on putting a good amount of focus on competing this season. The win doesn’t really change that.

DarkHorse: Anything you'd like to say to your supporters?

Nephew: Thanks for watching! Hopefully I’ll be able to represent Kolin well at many more events.

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