From Daigo Umehara to SonicFox, Alex Valle lists his top three fighting game players of the current and previous eras

The best, the best, the best, the best...

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 27, 2018 at 1:46 p.m. PST

Both a storied player and tournament organizer, LU|Alex Valle has been just about everywhere, done just about everything and watched just about every happening that can happen when it comes to competitive fighting games.

Mr. Street Fighter has clashed with the best overseas, innovated groundbreaking new approaches to gameplay and observed fighting game history since chapter one.

Few are as qualified to speak on the strongest competitors in the world, which is okay because the public face of Level Up recently posted a list of who he feels are the absolute best in the business.

His list here comes with a bit of nuance, as he doesn't just leave the banner "Of All Time" to define parameters. Instead Valle looks at two distinct eras or chapters of fighting game history: the 2000's and the current.

When prompted about who the greatest fighting game player of all time is, it's almost certain that most people will offer up the common answer of CYG|Daigo Umehara, and they wouldn't be wrong. That said, Daigo certainly hasn't had the same levels of success in recent years when compared to the early days of Street Fighter 4 and previous.

In truth, Daigo isn't one of the three most dominant figures in competitive fighting gaming today. At least, not right now. The title there probably goes to 20 year old Dominique "FOX|SonicFox" McLean, who is not only a multiple time EVO champion, but seems to become one of the absolute best at virtually any game he touches.

While keeping things short and sweet, (he clarified in a later tweet that the list of honorable mentions would run much too long) Valle has listed his three greatest fighting game players of the 2000's as well as the current era, and you can see them right here:

Click image for Valle's list

Indeed FOX|Justin Wong has long been known for his ability to jump into just about any game and have an early knack for winning, and EG|ChrisG's abilities often see his name atop the final standings of multiple games at each tournament he attends.

That said, SonicFox's abilities in these departments look to overshadow the likes of both of these iconic players, given he can maintain the path that he's currently on.

Infiltration's breadth in terms of titles is not as wide, but his ability to understand and effectively play the majority of characters on a roster makes him a threat even when hovering over the random select icon.

Who would you put on your list of top three fighting game players of now as well as from previous eras? Let us know who and why in the comments below.

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