Daigo Umehara accepts Tokido's challenge for first to ten Street Fighter 5 set, and he's not worried about losing in the slightest

Plus undercard matches Kotaka Shoten vs. Ito in Super Turbo and Tanukana vs. Yuyu in Tekken 7; all on March 10th at Kemonomichi 2

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 28, 2018 at 9:41 a.m. PST

If you asked most anyone that follows competitive Street Fighter 5 right now who the absolute best in the world are, you'd get a lot more answers that included FOX|Tokido than CYG|Daigo Umehara.

While it's unquestionable that Daigo is easily the most celebrated and spotlighted fighting game player to date, his success within the specific confines of Street Fighter 5 have been great, but not amazing.

As the reigning EVO champion and Capcom Cup 2017 runner up, Tokido has finally started seeing victory (as opposed to consistent top eight placings) and has become more of a threat than ever before in the Street Fighter realm.

These two will be clashing for a first to 10, long form set in less thank two weeks' time at Kemonomichi 2, and despite their current respective statuses in SF5, both players seem to be giving the edge to Daigo.

"It's like, how could I possibly lose this?" notes Daigo as he departs from his traditional humility-laden attitude. "I mean, if we do this there's no chance of not winning. For me."

Indeed, while he may not win every tournament he enters, The Beast has proven time and time again against champions that he's the Batman of fighting games, and given enough time to prepare, he can make anyone look helpless.

"I can't even see his back from where I'm standing..." admits Tokido. "I want to confirm for myself how big that gap is. Of course I'm going into this with the intention of winning," he concludes.

Source: Daigo the BeasTV. Thanks to Xykes for the tip.
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