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Blanka has his old tricks, a command grab and an unblockable Ball... see just how beastly he looks in Street Fighter 5 with our Blanka breakdown

The salt mines re-open on February 20th

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 13, 2018 at 4:05 p.m. PST • Comments: 57

Blanka is back in Street Fighter and looks as troll-like as ever. We got a sneak preview of the green beast on today's Winner Stays On live stream, and have collected a handful of clips to show you what he can do in Street Fighter 5.

If you're familiar with Blanka in Street Fighter 4, this one will look somewhat familiar as a lot of the animations from his normals and special moves are fairly similar. This SF5 Blanka still looks to be very much his own character, but also echos iterations past.

We'll start with some good news for opponents in that Blanka does not have a three frame attack, but an invincible wake up reversal, chaotic movement and some far-reaching pokes will surely bring about loads of salty grief alongside simultaneous wry smiles.

He returns with all the traditional special attacks that made him stand out from the rest of the Street Fighter crowd, but also gains access to a few new tricks, perhaps most notably, a command grab.

Add on the all new potential that comes with his two V-Trigger enhancements and we're excited (though very much hesitant to play online thereafter) for Arcade Edition's latest DLC character.

First up, we'll keep things simple with Blanka's most damaging attack, his Critical Art:

Click images for animated versions

One of Blanka's most iconic moves is his Blanka Ball, which sees him fly across the screen at his opponent in either a horizontal or diagonal line. These moves return in Street Fighter 5, and his EX Up Ball is invincible, effectively giving him a reversal for wake up:

The other of Blanka's most memorable trademarks is his Electricity. This move is plus on block, and has an EX version that ups its damage:

Blanka's Slide technique has made its way into his arsenal as well. This move looks as though it will be primarily used for going through fireballs, which is especially nice since his Blanka Balls (again, outside of V-Trigger) do not have projectile invincibility:

The developers at Capcom decided to give the jungle beast a brand new attack this time around, as Blanka now has access to a command grab. This move is somewhat similar to Birdie's dolphin dive as it sees Blanka leap up and grab grounded goes:

Rounding out his special moves, Blanka has his hop back again as well. This move can go either backwards or forwards, and seems to be useful for wake up set ups as well as a bit of sudden mobility when cancelled out of other moves:

Blanka's V-Skill is his Coward Crouch, and he has two different follow ups he can choose from:

His V-Trigger 1 powers up all of his special moves. This means Electricity does a little more damage and also sees Blanka take a brief step forward before executing. His Blanka Balls all become invincible, and his slide gains electric properties for more damage. It also grants him access to his unblockable Blanka Ball:

V-Trigger 2 gives you access to some massively powered up Blanka Balls that the character can use to juggle his foes about the screen with. This Trigger also has the potential to do a lot of stun, as Logan points out in the third clip here:

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