Poll results: Which Ninja Turtle are you most excited to play in Injustice 2?

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo will be joining Injustice 2's roster for pack owners on February 13th

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • February 12, 2018 at 6:52 p.m. PST

Update: The results are in! Hit the jump below to see which Ninja Turtle our readers are most excited to play -- whether it be based on play style or personality!

Earlier: Injustice 2 is bringing a very interesting combatant into its roster on February 13, 2018. Or rather, we'll be getting four separate fighters -- the Ninja Turtles!

As revealed during the Watchtower stream, all four turtles play differently. While the four have access to assist-like attacks from the other turtles, there is actually no way to switch your point character once you've chosen who you are playing as at the character select screen.

So this begs the question: which turtle are we all most interested in playing? Feel free to review the breakdown that we did that highlights the differences between these brothers.

It was specifically mentioned by Tyler Lansdown, Derek Kirtzic, and Steven Brownback that Leonardo and Donatello are very footsie oriented. Meanwhile Raphael and Michelangelo are all about getting in on their opponents.

Of course, personality quirks might be another reason why we choose to play one fighter over another. Leo tends to be the most disciplined, Donny is the most tech-savvy, Mikey is the most athletic, while Ralph tends to fight with the most strength and emotion.

After the jump, you'll find a poll that will let you vote on which turtle you are most excited to play in Injustice 2. You can vote up to two times.

Which of the Ninja Turtles are you most excited to play in Injustice 2?

1. Michelangelo: 106 votes / 27.3%
2. Donatello: 102 votes / 26.3%
3. Leonardo: 90 votes / 23.2%
4. Raphael: 90 votes / 23.2%

Total votes: 388

Voting has closed

Be sure to let us know who you voted for in the comments section. For me personally, my favorite has always been Leonardo. I've always liked his personality and his play style appears to be what I usually seek in a fighting game character.

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