6 new characters are coming to Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT this year, and Square-Enix have been hinting at who they are - here are a few likely picks

None of the hints are specific enough to solidify any of the 6, but they do narrow it down quite a bit

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • February 9, 2018 at 7:50 p.m. PST

Warning: This piece will contain heavy spoilers for certain Final Fantasy titles, including the most recent entry in the series, Final Fantasy 15. If you haven't completed this game, but are planning to, it's highly advised to steer clear of this story.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT is finally out on home consoles after a Tekken 7-tier long waiting period from arcade version to home play, and with 28 characters from across the entire Final Fantasy franchise, there are a lot of favorites present.

But more are going to be coming. The team behind Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT have been adamant for a long time that this game is going to continue to receive more and more updates, Back in April 2015, when the game had only just been revealed for an arcade release, the game's producers remarked in an interview with Dengeki Online that they were hoping to bring 50 characters to the game, and going even further by saying "even 50 really isn't enough".

They've also expressed their desire to bring back all the characters from the previous two games, which is feasible with their ongoing content additions. There are six characters from previous Dissidia titles that are currently not part of the Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT roster, which are Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V, Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, Laguna from Final Fantasy VIII, Yuna from Final Fantasy X, Prishe from Final Fantasy XI and Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII.

There's been a lot of talk about the developers wanting to prioritize roster balance between the games represented, which seems even more likely given the hints we've gotten about the upcoming characters. As it stands right now, out of the numbered titles, all of the first ten games have two characters each, except for Final Fantasy IV which stands alone with three characters, while the latter five games only have one character each.

The hints shared by Square-Enix at the end of their pre-launch live stream last month for this year's 6 DLC characters were most detailed for the first character we'll see, stating that it will be a male villain from the latter half of the series who hasn't been in the Dissidia series before, and falls into the Vanguard class. The second character will be another new face to Dissidia, and is a male character from the first half of the series, while the third is also a new face, but female and from the second half of the series.

The fourth character, much like the first one, will be a male character who is new to Dissidia and from the Final Fantasy series' latter half, but the fifth will actually be a returning character from the Dissidia series, and female, though she will also be from the later games in the series. The final entrant is yet another brand new male character from the latter half of the series.

Now, with all these hints at our disposal, who could we be seeing join the battle between good and evil this year? I've got some ideas - let me share them with you.

Zenos Yae Galvus

Game of origin: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (2017)

The qualifications for the first DLC character are that they are a male villain from the latter half of the series who will be classified as a Vanguard.

Although my first thought for this slot was a certain character from Final Fantasy XV who shows up a bit further down on this list, I eventually realized that the Vanguard part might not be the best fit for him, and after resarching on what fans have been saying, as well as the characters present in the MMORPG game Final Fantasy XIV, which I have limited experience with myself, I finally landed on thinking that Zenos is a very likely candidate.

Zenos is the main antagonist in the game's latest expansion, Stormblood, and he seems to have proven quite popular if the internet is anything to go by. Plotwise, he appears to have a lot of relevance, though someone more well-versed than me in this particular game can set me straight on that if I'm wrong.

Square-Enix themselves seem to enjoy the character well enough, seeing as he didn't actually die at the end of his seemingly fatal battle, but was shown to be alive and well, and will likely be a driving force in the future for the ever-expanding story present in Final Fantasy XIV as well.

Considering the developers have said that they wish to bring the numbered franchises to equal footing as far as characters included goes, presumably meaning they want to fill out the games who are still only at one character, Zenos seems like a very apt candidate for the franchise's popular still-running MMO.

If he ends up being the first character added, he'd also be the first villain to join the fray who wasn't part of the series before, which would be an interesting way to get players like me, who predominately focus on the single player Final Fantasy experience, acquainted with him.

Locke Cole

Game of origin: Final Fantasy VI (1994)

The sole character of this year's DLC who is from the earlier part of the series, this particular slot doesn't feel as up for grabs to me as you might imagine. What we know besides them being from the franchise's first half is that it's a male character who hasn't been part of Dissidia before.

Final Fantasy IV already has a third character playable right now in the form of Kain Highwind, Final Fantasy V and VII are still waiting for the return of Gilgamesh and Tifa from previous Dissidia titles while this is promised to a brand new character, and even though Final Fantasy I, II and III definitely have characters you could add to this slot, none of them carry the fame and adoration that Final Fantasy VI does.

In fact, it was quite the surprise back when the second Dissidia title released for PSP, and started padding out the roster with supporting characters outside of main protagonists and antagonists from various Final Fantasy games, and Final Fantasy VI ended up shortchanged with no new entrant.

So, assuming that my reasoning for expecting Final Fantasy VI to get a character to be sound, Locke Cole is by far the most likely candidate from that particular game. While there are a ton of notable male characters in Final Fantasy VI (who unfortunately aren't as amazing as Celes, but I digress) such as Edgar, Sabin and Setzer to choose from, Locke shines through by being pretty much the male face of this particular game.

Not only that, but Locke has two other quite convincing points in his favor. The first being that he was actually planned for the roster of the original Dissidia game alongside Kain, Gilgamesh, Seifer, Yuna, Seymour, Prishe, Vaan, Balthier and Lightning, but ended up not making the cut.

In the sequel, Kain, Gilgamesh, Yuna, Prishe, Vaan and Lightning all joined the fray, and half of them are in the new game's roster as well, which is a good sign for Locke since it's clear that once a character is in the developer's heads, they won't just be dropped willy nilly.

On top of this, a mysterious man was part of an event in Japan where voice actors performed in front of a live audience to expand on Dissidia's story, and while the identity of this amnesiac character wasn't divulged at the time, the official Dissidia Twitter account later confirmed that it was in fact Locke.

With prior developer interest, and Square-Enix going out of their way to include him in the story and give the character a voice actor for the first time ever since his debut, I'd say that out of all the characters in this list, Locke is by far the one with the most evidence pointing towards his inclusion.

I'd welcome any character from Final Fantasy VI with open arms, and Locke is one of my favorites to be sure, but please bring Celes along for the ride later on too, okay?

Ashelia B'narging Dalmasca

Game of origin: Final Fantasy XII (2006)

The third character in line is stated to be a female character who is new to the Dissidia series and from the latter half of the series.

With this in mind, there are actually quite a few candidates, since any game from Final Fantasy IX (or potentially Final Fantasy VIII depending on where they draw the line, since it's right in the middle of the series), is then eligible, and all of them have quite a few women present.

At this point, I will defer to Square-Enix's stated hope that they can balance out the roster as best as possible, which while not an iron-clad rule, feels like a relatively good guideline to follow.

Looking through the roster, one game that sticks out to me is Final Fantasy XII, a game in which Vaan manages to be the main character yet still have less plot relevance than at least three other characters in your main party.

In fact, the entire story of Final Fantasy XII largely revolves around Ashe, and her struggle to regain her throne and bring justice to her kingdom, which makes her a fantastic character to bring in to the fold.

There's not much concrete to go on here - as earlier stated, there are a ton of characters that could take this spot if Square-Enix willed it such as Garnet from Final Fantasy IX, Rikku from Final Fantasy X, Serah from Final Fantasy XIII or even Lunafreya from Final Fantasy XV, but based on what we know I feel like Ashe is the most reasonable choice simply because she brings Final Fantasy XII and its conflicts into the world of Dissidia in a way that Vaan quite frankly isn't able to.

Of course, much of my reasoning for this being Ashe also hinges on my other guesses being correct. If even one of my assumptions is incorrect, which they almost certainly will be, Ashe becomes less likely. But I do believe that her or Balthier are the only reasonable choices for Final Fantasy XII going forward, though it remains to be seen how Square-Enix feels about it.

Ardyn Izunia

Game of origin: Final Fantasy XV (2016)

Despite the mountain of evidence supporting Locke's inclusion, this is the character I feel most confident will be part of the DLC roster this year. What's known about the character occupying this slot is that they're a new face to Dissidia, they're a male character, and they're from the latter half of the series.

If there's one thing Square-Enix is good at, it's capitalizing on the Japanese tendency to follow trends. What's new and cool right now is what you need to be pushing, and with Final Fantasy XV being the latest entry in the franchise, and still relevant in people's minds, bringing in the conniving, dastardly evildoer behind all of the struggle and strife in the title is by far the most sensible action to be taking.

While Dissidia as a franchise caters very heavily to diehard Final Fantasy fans, as evidenced by the heavy focus on older games in the roster right now, the story when it comes to DLC is different. It can be reasonably assumed that committed fans will be buying the content anyway, so they need to push it to the people who are on the fence, and bringing in the latest villain from their heavily publicized, and still supported title, is a great way to do that.

I mentioned further up, during the Zenos portion of the article, that there was a different character I thought would occupy that slot at first, and it was Ardyn Izunia, or Ardyn Lucis Caelum as he's eventually revealed to be named.

The only reason I've moved Ardyn to a different slot is because of how heavily Final Fantasy XV pushes the similarities between him and Noctis, and the fact that Noctis is an Assassin class in Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, while the first DLC character is stated to be a Vanguard.

Given the wide variety of weapons and techniques at both of their disposal, there's nothing that says Ardyn couldn't be a Vanguard if the developers wanted him to be, but I just find it more likely they'll want to keep the symbolism between him and Noctis intact even in their movesets.

Adding further to Ardyn's likelihood is that Square-Enix recently confirmed they'll be releasing DLC for Final Fantasy XV where you get to play from this particular villain's point of view in the form of Episode Ardyn story pack, and cross-promoting this with his Dissidia inclusion would be a clear slam dunk opportunity that I don't think Square-Enix are going to be missing.


Game of origin: Final Fantasy X (2001)

The fifth slot in the upcoming DLC is both the most and least interesting, because there are only two eligible characters for it. What we've been told is that it's a returning Dissidia character, the only one out of the 6 who is, and it's a female character.

This means that the only two possible characters it could be are Yuna from Final Fantasy X or Prishe from Final Fantasy XI.

While my reasoning prior to this has included talking about Square-Enix wanting to balance out the roster, meaning that Prishe would be the most sensible choice so that Final Fantasy XI can get a second character, I actually think this particular instance might be an exception.

There are two big reasons, in my mind, why Yuna is much more likely than Prishe to be added to the game this year, and the first one is the obvious one that Yuna is just so unbelievably popular and recognizable to casualfans of the series, or even people who have no interest in the series, that she's a highly sensible choice for DLC, similar to the reasons I laid out when talking about Ardyn.

Getting people to want to invest in the game requires popular or relevant characters, and even if Final Fantasy X was more than 15 years ago at this point, it's hard to deny that she's a character who still remains fresh in people's minds, and is one of the faces of modern Final Fantasy.

As for Prishe, the problem concerning here is that Final Fantasy XI is a MMORPG that, while still somewhat active, which is a testiment to its enduring popularity, has been succeeded by Final Fantasy XIV at this point, and it's a hard sell to get people to put out extra money for a character from a MMORPG that launched over 15 years ago.

While Prishe does have a decent shot (some people who do not understand the impact probability has on statistics would say she has a 50-50 shot), I'd put the odds in favor of Yuna in this one because of Square-Enix's need to get people invested in the game and buying the DLC.

Considering their stated hope to bring all of the characters back at some point, it's hopefully only a matter of time before both Yuna and Prishe are in the game, but only one of them is going to make it in this year.

Snow Villiers

Game of origin: Final Fantasy XIII (2009)

The final slot is similar to the fourth and first slot in that it's confirmed to be a male character from the latter half of the Final Fantasy series who has not been in a Dissidia game before.

What I have to say in this entry is that I don't see any scenario where Final Fantasy XIII doesn't get another character added to the game this year, because regardless of how divisive the game may seem online, it sold extremely well and Square-Enix themselves liked it enough to push out two direct sequels to it (sequels which I personally would rather they pretend don't exist, but I digress).

With that out of the way, the next thing to note is that Final Fantasy XIII really didn't do all too well on the villain front. Nobody really took up the villain mantle in the original game to a convincing degree, to the point where Square-Enix themselves continue to push Cid Raines as the villain of the game in their other crossover titles, such as the Theathrhythm musical games, by including him over any other villainous characters from Final Fantasy XIII.

While Cid Raines could definitely be added as the second character for XIII and its sequels - he'd also fill the Cid quota, since every Final Fantasy game has a character named Cid - it'd be a bit of a headscratcher considering he's not really more than a midboss in the game, and is dispatched of long before the climax is reached.

That's why, rather than a villain, I'd expect them to bring in Snow Villiers, the energetic brother-in-law of Lightning's, whose personality is frequently at odds with hers and causes a great deal of conflict between them.

Snow, much like the game he comes from, is a divisive character - some love him, some hate him, but it's hard to deny that he's one of the most impactful characters in the game, and much of the story is driven by his actions and motivations. If the sequels indeed do exist in Square-Enix's mind, he's quite present in both of them as well.

Another reason why I think Snow would be a really good fit for Dissidia DLC is that one of Final Fantasy's most enduring fighting styles, the style of the monk, meaning a hand-to-hand fighter who uses their fists to solve issues, is not currently present in the game.

Snow is an interesting personally from a highly popular, albeit divisive, game that's also recent by Final Fantasy standards and got two sequels to its name. He embodies a classic Final Fantasy fighting style that we haven't seen in the game yet, and that's why I think he'll be brought in to spice up the Final Fantasy XIII representation in Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT.

So there you have it! These are my picks - not for who I want to see, but who I think are most likely that we will see - based on the hints put forward by Square-Enix. There's obviously a lot of guesswork, because we can really only do so much, but you've heard my reasoning, and I believe it to be sound.

My final question is, who do you guys think we'll be seeing added to the Dissidia roster in 2018? Who do you want to see? Are you enjoying the game? Share all your hopes and fears in the comments.

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